James Taranto is A Dick

Lumpy meatsack James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal sure hopes the “girls” whose boyfriends died while shielding them during the Aurora attack weren’t loser skanks or maybe James just hopes that they don’t turn into total whores in the aftermath.

It’s kinda of hard to tell:

When people on Twitter went, “Dude? Seriously?  What the fuck? Really?”, James wrapped himself in the flag and dared people to hate on America :

Yeah. Whaddya got to say now, Commies? Hunh? Hunh? Pussies…

Of course this is the same Taranto who was complaining other day that he would like to own a gun but, y’know, getting one is so hard:

Well, this columnist lives in Bloomberg’s New York, and we would like to own a pistol. But our understanding is that the procedures for acquiring a permit are so onerous that it isn’t worth our while to apply. In more than a decade as mayor, Bloomberg has never sought to relax the city’s gun restrictions, which are among the nation’s most oppressive.

So, not only is Taranto a dick, but he’s also a lazy fucker who would rather die in his musty one room walk-up then get his fat ass off the couch and do something about it.

But mainly, James Taranto is a dick.

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