You know that  guy who is on that morning cartoon show for meth moms, Fox & Friends? Not Doocy, the other one … the guy with the little squinty eyes and the drive-in theater screen forehead? Yeah, that guy … the special needs one. Well this morning they let him do an interview all by himself, without the training wheels or anything, and it was glorious and informative;

“Fox and Friends” still has beef with President Obama’s comments about small businesses. On Tuesday, the show turned to the ultimate source to prove its point: two little girls who run a lemonade stand.


On Tuesday, “Fox and Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade turned to four-year old Eliza and seven-year old Clara Sutton to ask if they had government help when they founded their lemonade stand.

“Who helped you start this business?” Kilmeade wanted to know. Later, he asked, “Clara, how do you feel about the President saying that you needed help to start this business? And just speak from, speak from within.”

When Eliza yawned, he turned to Clara. “I would say that’s rude because we worked very hard to build this business,” she replied. “But we did have help.”

“And your help came from?”

“Our help came from our investors, our dad and stepmom, along with other friends and family.”

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Good job Not Steve Doocy guy for your interview of an obviously coached four-year old and a seven-year old! That was not stupid or painfully awkward or creepy at all and for once you almost appeared to be smarter than your guests.

Sean Hannity is going to be so jealous.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....