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Scott Eric Kaufman at LG&M:

The evidence above speaks for itself. Glenn Reynolds clearly exploited Brian Ross’s remarks about the Tea Party as a means of forwarding his anti-gun control position. His belief—shared by many conservative bloggers—that these sorts of second-order exploitations of a tragedy don’t qualify as exploitative is simply wrong. So too is his belief—again shared by many conservative bloggers—that one oppositional political remark about a tragedy grants them license to write endlessly about that remark without having to worry about appearing politically opportunistic. Any statement made in the furtherance of a political agenda qualifies as a a political statement, and given both the content and volume of Reynolds’ posts and updates in the wake of the tragic shooting, it’s fair to say that not only has Reynolds politicized this tragedy, he’s done so in a manner that deserves scorn.

He should be embarrassed by his response to this tragedy, not because it’s political—politicizing a tragedy isn’t inherently despicable—but because of the breathlessness of the exploitation…

As one who has intermittently watched Reynolds over the years, I’d say that it is impossible for him to be embarrassed despite the multitude of reasons why he should be.

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