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Have you had the pleasure of introducing someone to our vast western lands who is from the East and never experienced it before? That’s been a real treat for me.  As most of you know, I’ve been on a trip with a friend, visiting other friends, and have driven from Pennsylvania to Texas, then on to Oregon through what are presently dry western states, with occasional smoke from wildfires.

Have you been on a real, lifesized, road trip? This was one, and it added immense amounts of experience for all of us. The idea has appealed to me since having a few expeditions with friends that were shorter, and with less expansive scenery. While it’s always great to see the amazing sights our world offers, having some friends along can be added fun. I do recommend that if you can, you try it.

If you have only seen pictures, you haven’t seen the vastness of our deserts and mountains, either. Standing there for yourself is an experience like no other I know.  They don’t call it “Big Sky Country” for nothing.

Of course, there are other really amazing experiences that a person has to have for themselves. If you’ve never been to the ocean, and sailed on it, you really ought to. While I’ve never been in a wetsuit and skin diving, I have family and friends who tell me I should. Going to Machu Picchu is out of the question, as I could never make the climb, but that’s another experience that looks like it ought to be added to your life, if you can manage it.

Where have you been that ought not to be missed? Do you have pictures, and would you like to share them?

Everyone I talked to along the way has agreed that they’d seen the pictures, but until they actually stood there with the incredible scenery of our western lands around them, they hadn’t seen it.

Family trips are great, too, but I find that as an adult, with adults, the experience of finding stirring beauty in our surroundings resonates a bit more. We’ve been parents, or the ‘adult in the room’, and while it has good points, I think it has the effect of making us teach when sometimes it can be better to learn. It may be that kids are too perfect a foil, and everything makes them awestruck. For me, at least this time, experiencing things as an individual made things strike home.

Age may have something to do with this trip, as well, as I’m sure when I see things I quite likely won’t see them again. You may not be where I am, in being retired and doing things that were always on my mind that I needed to do sometime, and now is that time.

I do hope you get there, wherever it is that you really, deeply want to go.

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Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

I've blogged at The Seminal for about two years, was at cabdrollery for around three. I live in N.TX., worked for Sen.Yarborough of TX after graduation from Wellesley, went on to receive award in playwriting, served on MD Arts Council after award, then managed a few campaigns in MD and served as assistant to a member of the MD House for several years, have worked in legal offices and written for magazines, now am retired but addicted to politics, and join gladly in promoting liberals and liberal policies.