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Watercooler: Friday

Hi, y’all.

I’m glad it’s Friday. I hope you are too. I’m looking forward to a relaxed weekend, maybe jumping into a pool somewhere or taking in a movie. Check out this great article by a veteran who attended last weekend’s Peaceful Streets Project police seminar. The author thinks maybe the military-hippie divide doesn’t need to be so big.

But it makes me sad, because Americans on the street and their public servants in uniform, should share an affinity and a common bond.  Whatever our personal politics, we should be able to agree on the basics, that we are a free nation of citizens who enjoy inviolable rights.  Despite the diversity in beliefs at this “activist” event, that was a rock solid anchor point that all there shared.  While I certainly didn’t agree with the politics or philosophies of many at the event, we all agreed on the basics that make America a success and stronger for our diverse opinions.  In fact, the event was organized to cover those basics.  It wasn’t about personal politics or viewpoints from the left and the right, it concentrated on the very essential core of what it means to be an American living in a free nation.

I’m thrilled by the coalition building we’re doing here in Austin. Our recent Obama Unwelcome also saw us working closely with the Keystone XL Blockade team. One of our occupiers is planning to travel to east Texas for a whole month to help defend the last family holding out against the pipeline.

Just a few random things on my mind tonight. What’s on yours? This is Friday’s MyFDL open thread.

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Kit OConnell

Kit OConnell

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