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Tricked Out: Limbaugh Outsourced Astroturf, Busted Paying For “Rush Babes”


Cenk seized the TV scoop when grassroots media monitors at StopRush reported a strange source for the traffic making “Rush Babes for America” over 70,000 strong on Facebook. The clicks were coming from New Delhi, India.

Yes, Facebook openly reports the #1 city that traffic comes from when users “like” or share a page.

In a scathing take-down, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks took to calling Rush a “fraud” and “pathetic” for paying Indians bargain wages to create fake buzz on Facebook for his anti-woman promotion.

Limbaugh, or his recently hired crisis management expert Brian Glicklich scurried to switch to US-based astroturf experts which changed the city listed as his #1 source from New Delhi to Indianapolis. Had the multimillionaire radio host simply bought American in the first place, we might have never learned of his PR team’s embarrassing oversight.

Today it’s Houston – good to see Americans getting the jobs, even if it’s a “make pretend” campaign for Limbaugh.

You might remember the “Rush Babes” site with the silhouetted woman’s form lifted from a mud flap, also likely part of Glicklich’s “new media” plan to boost Limbaugh’s online followers. They began giving away $500 iPads to get new Twitter followers, “paying for it” just like his disciple Sean Hannity who only gives t-shirts away for retweets.

Dittoheads crowed when the “Rush Babes” surpassed the popularity of the National Orgnization of Women on Facebook. Rush even had the audacity to accuse NOW of padding their numbers. That was a “tell”, as Rush thereby revealed his knowledge of how the system is gamed.

While this overwhelmingly suggests Limbaugh is buying friends, it’s also possible a staffer or surrogate is doing it for Limbaugh so he can deny involvement on the air, as he did when it was discovered his bosses at Premier Radio were selling a fake caller service to talk shows.

In that scandal, Limbaugh admitted “people” approached him to plant calls but claims he would never “pay for it”. We found examples however, of callers that Sean Hannity’s producers coached without informing the host.

This latest “buying friends” item was lost over the past few days, overshadowed by coverage of Rush Limbaugh’s “retroactive” revision of a statement he made about a supervillain invented for Batman in the early 1990s. Earlier in the week, Rush lied to his audience in saying the name “Bane” was intentionally put into the latest Batman flick to subliminally implant moviegoers with a negative connotation with Bain Capital, the vulture investment firm headed by Mitt Romney.

Rush Limbaugh Tuesday:
“Do you think that it is accidental that the name of the really vicious, fire-breathing, four-eyed whatever it is villain in this movie is named Bane?

Limbaugh claimed Thursday never to have suggested such a “conspiracy theory”, but was excoriated for “changing his story” without simply admitting he made it up.

Image screengrabbed from The Young Turks

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