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“It’s all about Iran! …remember Iraq”

Several key points that the Russian UN Envoy raised in that interview needs to highlighted: 1) The fact that every time the ‘opposition'(FSA/SNC/et al.) have been asked to come to the ‘table’ with the Syrian regime, they’ve refused to!, and, 2) Any intervention leads to more bloodshed!

Now, take a gander at our UN Ambassador’s press conference shortly after the veto…

(Full Text) As she’d tweeted later…

The #UNSC underlined the need to bring perpetrators, organizers, financiers & sponsors of this reprehensible act of terrorism to justice.

How ironic, no…? As Angry Arab quipped today…

Those poor rebels in Syria

“The idea that a poorly organized, lightly armed opposition force could somehow get so close to the seat of power…” Yes, incredible. I mean, the notion that a force financed by the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, France, and UK and armed by UAE, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, and is assisted by the intelligence services of the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, UAE, France, UK, and Turkey would pull this off is just amazing. Who would have thought.

Here’s a great article… Covering Syria: The information war

And, finally, Pepe Escobar penned another must-read… Suicide bombers of the world, unite…

…What seems to be certain is that Assad’s inner circle won’t fold. On the contrary; it will respond with all guns – and tanks – blazing. It has already threatened to “confront all forms of terrorism and chop any hand that harms national security”.

The FSA and FSA-related gangs all rely on the same tactic; they get entrenched in residential neighborhoods, even in Damascus, and wait for the regime to attack. The regime’s tactic is monolithic; they tend to level any area, even ultra-urban, wherever the gangs are holed up. The result is inevitable; enormous “collateral damage” and massive internal displacement. This may start happening now in Damascus itself – assuming the FSA can keep their sleeper cells active, which they can’t.

And then there’s the newfound Western love story with suicide bombers.

Donald Rumsfeld’s former Chief of Staff at the Pentagon, Keith Urbahn, tweeted, “for once we should call a suicide bomber – the one that took out a major fraction of Assad’s cabinet – a martyr.”

It doesn’t matter that he got it wrong – it was not a suicide bomber but an IED. But there we have it – straight from a neo-con horse’s mouth (and plenty other conservative and liberal mouths as well).

If you use suicide bombers or IEDs to kill government officials of a “rogue state”, you can get away with it; you’re “one of our bastards”.

But don’t even try to do it against the Green Zone in Baghdad, or the Afghan government in Kabul, or against any of our “trusted” allies such as the House of Saud and King Playstation in Jordan; then you’re just an evil “terrorist”.


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