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Breed bans pose risk

Breed bans can get people hurt by giving them a false sense of security. ANY dog can be a threat. Look at how many news articles I can find about breeds such as golden retrievers and labs killing or maiming people or small animals. They have the steriotype of being the most safe dogs around children. Its funny how when a pitbull kills someone, the news is all over it, but when other breeds KILL people, we hardly hear anything. Even though “other dogs dont kill people” is the main excuse I hear from breed ban supporters. Though i think the following news articles prove otherwise.

Chocolate lab attacks 9 year old. And guess what…they actually went after the owner on this one. Its a miracle.

Greyhound bites 2 year old twice-and is getting a repreive from being put down. If this was a pit, it would already be put down.

13 year old attacked by german shepherd, a new hampshire drug sniffing police dog.

Chow mix and 2 black labs attacks man, dogs were unprovoked.

Husky kills newborn

2 german shepherd attack man and his golden retriever puppy

Chihuahua mix attacked police officer and was shot because it wouldnt let go even after being tasered.

Town finally cracks down on stray dogs after woman is attacked by stray german shepherd

Sled dogs kill toddler

Black lab mix viciously attacks woman

Loose black lab attacks woman as she was getting out of her car

2 hunting dogs killed a womans cat

2 great danes attacked and killed 40 sheep before farmer shot them

Miniature dachshund killed by boxer lab mix

Loose lab attacks 56 year old man while walking

Toddler killed by weimaraner

Alaskan malamute kills 49 year old woman

Officer shoots shibu inu that mauled woman.

Woman injured after stepping in to protect small dog from 2 german shepherds. The dogs had to be taserd to get them to let go of the woman.

Lab/husky mix killed a neighbors poodle

Lab nearly kills pomeranian

Bulldog kills neighbor jack russel terrier

Greyhound kills puppy at local park

Joe Namaths lab deemed “dangerous” and is allegedly involved in 4 different attacks

Woman loses both legs in chihuahua attack

Mastiff kills miniature dachshund

Great dane attacked and mangled a boys face, and is NOT being put down. WTF?

Neighbors german shepard mix jumped the fence and attcked a 6 year old boy. This instance wasnt the first time the dog attacked the little boy, its just that the first time, authorities did nothing. How much do you want to bet that if the dog had been a pit, the second attack never would have never happened because the dog would have already been put down?

Black lab and yellow lab finally held after 3 attacks

Golden retriever kills small dog

Husky mauls toddler while owner stands by.

Lab attack puts 15 month old in critical condition

A wolf hybrid, a family pet, dragged the families infant out of its crib and into the yard. Baby was in critical condition when rush to the hospital.

Man who fought to ban pits in area fights to keep his lab after it attacked someone. Ironic isnt it?

2 labs and a boxer kill a horse

Man mauled to death by two alsatians

Mastiff kills puppy

Boxer/pointer mix mauls woman and her two year old son

Family husky mauls infant

Former state representative Mark Wright’s labrador attacked a second person. The first time it happened, he said he would have the dog put down…

Yellow lab attacks seven year old girl but attorney deems the dog “not dangerous”

Chow killed 2 week old infant

Mixed breed killed 8 year old girl

3 week old infant killed by siberian husky

Child mauled by cocker spaniel

5 huskies returned after killing neighbors dog

Alsatian kills family pet, and the owner of the alsatian just turned and walked away.

Husky kills infant

Woman lies about the dog that bit her child. She said it was a loose shepherd mix, when in fact it was the families lab mix.

Infant killed by black lab

Lab kills 2 month old left alone in swing

Sheepdog mix kills one year old child

Golden retriever/lab mix and an australian shepherd fatally maul a woman

A pair of blue heelers attack a woman and she is saved by her pitbull

German shepherd kills small dog

Hound kills baby swans

Husky kills toddler

Lab kills bichon frise

2 shepherd mixes kill sheep

5 year old girl attacked by a pair of labs

Woman is saved by her pitbull when attacked by 4 stray dogs

Retriever/german shepherd mix kills puppy

Husky kills shih tzu

Poodle kills puppy

An american bulldog mix and lab/chow mix killed a family’s chihuahua

Chow mix kills puppy

Sons 3 boerboel dogs brutally kill dad

Jack russel kills infant

This family owned a pit and a jack russel terrier. Guess which one brutally killed the family’s 6 week old infant.

English mastiff “used as a weapon”

Bull mastiff kills puppy

Man killed by pack of stray dogs. None were pits.

Doberman/pincher mix kills 8 month old baby

Huskies kill cat

Pack of greyhounds attack man and his yorkshire terrier

12 year old attacked by beagle. “You always think it’s a Pitbull or Rottweiler. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog it is, you never know when this will happen to your kid,” Irene said.

Dachshund mutilates sleeping infant

11 year old boy used german shepherd “as a weapon” against an 8 year old girl

Siberian husky kills chickens and ducks

Boxer and boston terrier attack woman and her puppy

Great dane kills beagle

Officer shot and killed aggressive lab

“Family” german shepherd kills 2 year old boy

3 labs terrorize and kill neighborhood cats

Mountain sheepdog kills woman

Husky kills infant

Lab killed maltese

Lab attacks city worker, and then police

Pack of greyhound mixes kill owner

Chow/lab mix kills owner

2 Chow mixes kill owner

Woman killed by pack of 14 greyhound/irish wolfhound mixes

Elderly woman killed by doberman and german shepherd

child scarred for life by jack russel terrier but will not be put down because its not listed as a dangerous breed.

3 great danes kill beloved family beagle

Golden retriever and australian shepherd killed owner

German shepherd kills owners mother

2 great pyrenese killed man and allowed to live

Presa canario kills owner. I just have to quote the writer of the article. “The dog that attacked Willey was a Presa Canario, akin to a pit bull.” Basically, shes saying that its not a pitbull but shes going to call it one anyway.

Sled dogs kill 2 year old

Chocolate lab, mixed breed, and possible great pyrenese killed woman

Pomeranian attacks pitbull

Two lab mixes kill pomeranian and attack pitbull

Chained great dane kills woman

Owner commands german shepherd to attack

7 year old boy killed by bull mastiff

2 neopolitan mastiffs kill 5 year old boy

Dingo mix kills toddler

School children witness husky kill shar pei

Jack russel terrier kills puppy at dogpark

Pack of what appears to be shepherd/chow mixes kill zoo animals

Husky kills infant

Boy attacked by german shepherd, and attempts to protect friend by claiming it was a pitbull

American bulldog, johnson bulldog, neopolitan mastiff, and border collie kill elderly man

Dalmation jumps out of car window to attack passing pitbulls

German shepherd kills small dog at dogpark

Mastiff kills jack russel terrier

German shepherd attacks and kills family pet

Golden retriever attacks mother and child

German shepherd and lab kill bichon frise

Alaskan malamute kills 7 year old

Family’s 2 siberian huskies kill 2 year old

Mixed breed dogs kill elderly woman

2 mongrels kill a family’s shih tzu

Mutt kills 5 week old infant

Bouvier kills yorkie at dogshow

Basset/shepherd mix kills 17 month old boy

Poodle attacks pitbull and its owner

Police dog kills 4 year old boy

98% of the dogs in these articles were family pets and 99% of the attacks were unprovoked. The main argument I hear from breed ban advocates are that pits have killed people, that other dogs dont have the capacity or drive to kill people or other animals, that pits are very likely to “turn” on their owners, and that pits are the only breed that will make a special effort to go after and kill things. Going after one specific breed and advocating that they are the only breed you need to worry about can get people hurt or killed. You NEED to be weary of ANY dog you encounter, not just pits. ALWAYS ask the owner before you pet their dog. You cannot assume that its nice, just because it isnt a pit. You hear mostly pit attacks in the news because those attacks spark contraversy, which is the main goal of news networks. They know someone dying from a pit attack is going to get alot more attention than a person being killed by lab. Its just a fact.

Another fact is that labs actually have a slightly higher bite force than pits.

Every breed out there does the whole bite and shake thing.

Pits do not have locking jaws.

Dogfighters actually have to bait and abuse their pits to “toughen them up”  in order to get them to be that “fighter.”

Pits are NOT naturally inclined to want to kill things.

The fact that they “look” mean, and are very muscular, is not proof that they are any more of a risk than your neighbors lab.

Breed specific legislation is no different than racism. 100 years ago, a common thing you would hear in the south is that black people were dangerous and more likely to attack and kill someone. White people did just as much killing, if not more, but those murders were overlooked. Sound familiar?

I am in no way, stating that pits have never harmed anyone, or that they are not capable of killing someone. Of course they are, just like all the other breeds listed in the above articles.  I am trying to explain that you CANNOT tell whether a dog is likely to attack based on its breed. Pits were chosen by dogfighters because of their appearance, protective nature, and their ability to do damage if they are trained to do so. Their protective nature should not be confused with unprovoked aggressiveness. When I say “protective,” I mean “protective.” I mean that if a pit senses that its family is in danger, it will step in and defend them and will die trying. So, when people say that their pits are loyal, and other instances where people can say that their pit saved their life, they are not lying. So, there is one trait that you can say seems to be breed specific, and thats loyalty.




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