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The last straw

People rarely stop and think of the profundity of such statements as “The last straw”.  Beasts of burden can carry many bales of hay, but one straw too many can break a camels back.

Our backs are so tired, we have borne too many heavy burdens for too long.  Our burdens are by design, not by misfortune; or any failure on our part for that matter.  I can even show you the design, they left a record.

Incalculable greed and corruption has placed burdens on our shoulders beyond our ability to bear them.  Once upon a time we had regulatory agencies where honest people kept a vigilant watch for unscrupulous people who would take advantage of us, until; corrupt politicians discovered that if they appointed people to head those agencies; who were as corrupt as them, with the same insatiable greed, they could bypass those regulatory agencies.

The most important domestic agency we have, is the CFTC.  Most people don’t even know what CFTC stands for.  That’s because it has functioned like an elegant swiss watch for so many years.  Those people have protected us from some of the richest and most unscrupulous charlatans from around the world, but they couldn’t protect us from our own politicians.

In just a few short years, a depraved politician; who was inconceivably corrupt and depraved.  I said depraved once, didn’t I.  OK so sue me, he was really depraved.  When he manipulated gasoline, corn, copper and all of the other commodity markets, and corrupt greedy politicians saw how much money he was making; they looked the other way, because they were as greedy as he was.

Now that our backs are about to break, the greatest market manipulator of all time has arrived, his name is DROUGHT, and he is going to drop “The last straw”. 

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