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The Cherry-Pick Mitt Romney Movement Marches Onward!!

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This is, of course, about the Cherry-Pick Mitt Romney Movement, the movement that thinks so much of its liberatory potential for the fact that it can dig up dirt on Mitt Romney. Let’s start tonight’s program off with this fun video —

and then you have these videos:

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart

Let’s not forget this “hard-hitting” video:

nor the DNC’s approach:

Finally, you have a reflection from Teddy Partridge here at FDL. Teddy is all right by me, so I’m going to quote:

Mitt Romney and the GOP now face a dilemma. The former governor of Massachusetts discarded so much of his previous political identity in pursuit of this year’s presidential nomination that he’s got nothing but the tiny, sinking, tropical offshore island named Bain to justify his candidacy.

And that secretive world is slipping away, swiftly.

So this is the truth about Mitt Romney — the rhetorical tank is on empty. It’s just going to get worse — all of that bankster money (Romney’s nine biggest donors: Goldman, Chase, B of A, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Citigroup, Kirkland & Ellis, Wells Fargo, Barclays) and nothing to say with it. All he will really be able to do between now and November is to point to Obama’s record and spout right-wing platitudes. Partridge’s conclusion:

He’s discarded every justification for his candidacy except that he’s “the other guy.” I guess he’s counting on that. Because nothing else works for Mitt anymore.

But maybe that IS enough for the Mittster. From the Wall Street Journal:

The polling numbers on this are pretty striking. A Washington Post/ABC News poll this past week found that just 38% of Romney supporters said their vote would primarily be for him, as opposed to 57% who said their support was actually a vote against Mr. Obama. That finding is in line with a number of other recent polls, including a June survey by the Pew Research Center.

So maybe it doesn’t matter so much if Romney has nothing positive to run on. The important thing for his base, apparently, is that he’s not Barack Obama. Now why would anyone choose such an absurd motivation to vote for Mitt Romney? Well, I suppose there’s racism, but I don’t think that Mitt Romney is trailing Barack Obama in the polls by a smaller margin than was John McCain because a small portion of the white electorate has now decided that it’s racist.

Now, I recognize that this is just speculation, but another reason for Romney’s close behind-ness in the polls might be that Obama can’t seem to do a whole lot about the employment-population ratio.


Seems like the new normal these days is 58.5%, down about 4.5% from the old normal. So maybe the terminally unemployed, y’know, don’t like it that way? And maybe they’ve (at least the white male ones) chosen to express their collective disgust at this reality by voting for Mitt Romney because he’s not Barack Obama?

Jus’ sayin’.

Now, of course this is a ridiculous voting strategy. Mitt Romney is not going to do anything meaningful about the employment-population ratio either. So, y’know, if you all line up over at to submit your anti-Romney attack diaries, maybe you’ll persuade a few prospective Romney voters that a vote for Mitt Romney is just as ineffective toward their cause as is a vote for Barack Obama, and you can persuade them to stay home on Election Day. Who knows? It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?

Perhaps I’m jaded by this great Cherry-Pick Mitt Romney Movement because I can think of an alternative movement that would target the banksters as a whole, the people funding Mitt Romney (and to a lesser extent Barack Obama for that matter) as well as Mitt Romney himself. And maybe this alternate movement could address the consequences of an economy which has become a big con game for the benefit for these banksters. I think this movement used to be called “Occupy” or something like that. But maybe that’s just me. March on, liberation soldiers!

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