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Establishing a Progressive Caucus in the United States Senate

Establishing a Progressive Caucus in theUnited StatesSenate


In David Dayen’s thread, dated Tuesday, July 17th and titled, “Republicans Block DISCLOSE Act, Dems Pull All Nighter, I had this to say,


I am from the Sonoran Desert, and virtually all “progressives” can be segmented as “racial and ethnics” and consequently, all most all “white” Democrats are “conservative” Democrats since virtually all these “white” Democrats supported SB 1070 and HB 2281.

Thus, we, the “racial and ethnics” recognize that “bitching” in politics falls into two distince categories, the Professional “bitching” and the Amateur “bitching” and the obvious underlying premise is that the Amateurs can’t bring themselves forward for challenging their Democratic-affiliated Senators for establishing a Progressive Caucus in the Senate.

And since I am from ARizona, and the two Senators are Republicans, my fellow Progressives, have intellectually imploded due to this Amateur-standing, and therefore, I have to rely on the Professionals, if in fact, they have called the offices of their Democratic-affiliated Senators and advocated that their respective Senators “establish” a Progressive Caucus in the Senate.

In closing, when I come to this political blog, my ‘reading/listening’ to what is being said and written, my yardstick jumps up and measures the ‘bitching’ as being appropriately categorized. As such, if you haven’t advocated for the establishment of a Progessives Caucus, in any manner, shape or form, the “viability” for what is being said or listened to, remains at in the numerical arena for a Fat Zero, nonetheless, since there is nothing “there.”


Now, let’s get this “debate” underway and where your “ideas” gain a predominance and ultimately, addressed in Congress and at the White House.




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