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Occupy Supply Skill Share: NDAA and The Future of Dissent


Our next Occupy Supply webinar is this Wednesday July 18th  at 8:00 PM Eastern

Our presentation this week is a discussion on the NDAA and its implications for the future of dissent in the US. Since it was signed by President Obama in January, indefinite detention has been a contentious issue especially in the Occupy Movement. Chris Hedges and other journalists and activists initiated a lawsuit against President Obama and other officials over the indefinite detention clause in this years NDAA. With demonstrators being arrested and detained as terror suspects in Chicago and Cleveland the issue has become more immediate. Recently Judge Forest, who is presiding over the case, has ruled that Section 1021 of the NDAA is facially unconstitutional and provided for a temporary injunction; this is an incredible victory.

On this week’s Occupy Supply Skill Share we have a tremendous panel featuring a few of the 7 plaintiffs in the case against the Obama Administration.

We will be joined by:

Alexa O’Brien a content strategist who has written a number of articles about Guantanamo detainees and founded the group US Day of Rage. She joined the effort to combat the unconstitutional NDAA after finding that there where attempts to link her US Day of Rage to terrorist organizations.

Kai Wargalla is a London based activist whose use of social media was instrumental in the initiation of Occupy London and founder of Justice For Assange UK. She is also Deputy Director of Revolution Truth. She became a part of the suit due to a bulletin issued by the City of London Police in a terrorism and extremism update. Both have major concerns with the constitutionality of the NDAA will share their insights and experience as plaintiffs as well as thoughts on the implications of the lawsuit on Wednesday nights NDAA Discussion.

This meeting is open to anyone – liaison, occupier, or otherwise – who wants to join this discussion and share there opinions on the NDAA.

Can you make it to our Occupy Supply Skill Share on Wednesday 7/18 at 8:00PM Eastern?

Click here to register:

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John Washington

John Washington