Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war
With the cross of Jesus going on before
Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe
Forward into battle see his banners go!

The word soldier derives from the Latin solidus, which was a Roman coin.  Thus, thanks to etymology, we see that a soldier is one who has literally sold himself.

But what has the American public, with its voracious appetite for war, been bought and sold with?  The short answer is lies; the most pervasive and influential of which is religion.

More than four out of five Americans identify themselves as religious, with 40 percent attending church services at least once a week.  It’s there, in the houses of the holy, that the American mind is captivated with visions of Armageddon, apocalypses, raptures, and Second Comings.

An Ipsos-Reuters poll published in May found that 22 percent of Americans believe in an impending Armageddon in their lifetime.  These disturbed people, clamoring for war on the basis of religious prophesy, decide elections and guarantee the status quo.  Twenty-two percent is more than enough to tip any contest — not that voters are allowed real choices to begin with.

Religion is mind control of the masses.  The ruling elite, throughout history, have always used it as such.  This might not be a bad thing under an enlightened, benign ruling class; but examples of those are few and far between.  Certainly in America we have an elite possessed by their own sinister beliefs, founded on occultism, making our rulers even more given to war and hypocrisy than the average fundamentalist Christian.

Humanity has always suffered dearly because of religion and occultism, which are two sides of the same coin.  But in the nuclear age, where the world can end at the press of a button, we must not be sold on these ancient and morbid patterns of thought.  The Christian sold-iers will march us “onward” to a very inglorious doom.

Gamma Globalist

Gamma Globalist

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