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“Denial is not a river in Egypt”, but a state of mind we find ourselves in when we can not face the truth.  When a reality is too horrible to accept, we find other ways to explain it.

A cheating spouse is one example.  When we’re in love with someone, nobody can convince us that our love would cheat; not even when we hear or see the evidence.  Whatever happens, the victimized person can find a way to explain it.

African Americans have dreamed of a Black President forever, and now we finally have an African American President.  Before Barack Obama was elected, I spoke to someone who was gravely ill; he said, “I just want to live long enough to see the first African American President”.  Fortunately, he pulled through.  Since I know that Barack Obama is a very bad subject, I never mention the President when I talk to him.

Dr. Martin Luther King made a speech in which he stated “I have a dream”.  I’m sure that Barack Obama was part of that dream.  As we all know, dreams can turn into nightmares; such has been the case with Barack Obama for African Americans; but that reality is much too horrible to face.  When people are dealing with a tragedy of this magnitude, you must sympathize and empathize with them.  What they don’t realize is that King’s dream, is not Barack Obama’s dream, and their dream is not Barack Obama’s dream.  From what Barack Obama has stated, his dream is more in line with Ronald Reagans dream.

After 3 1/2 years, an African American President who has done absolutely nothing for African Americans, other than allow them to be proud of the fact that we have an African American President .   Barack Obama was the first Democratic President to miss the NAACP convention in 48 years.  NAACP President Ben Jealous cited a scheduling conflict when asked on MSNBC about the President not attending.  However, many have noted that the President’s schedule both Wednesday and Thursday of this week featured few events.  Yesterday the President was interviewed by PBS host Charlie Rose.  The only other event on his Thursday schedule was the daily briefing in the morning, an entry that is on his schedule every day.

While no African Americans expected him to move the White House to the ghetto, most expected him to have a new “New Deal”, and this is what unemployed Whites expected.  This is what most of the people who voted for Barack Obama expected.  None of us expected 80,000 troop to Afghanistan, and a bank bailout; that only benefited rich Republicans.  Maybe that’s why he mentions Ronald Reagan so often.

It’s time for African Americans to confront Barack Obama, and in the hip hop vernacular, “Straight up dude, watcha gonna do”?.  Quit side stepping what’s real is my advice to everyone who voted for Barack Obama, “tomorrow never comes”.  If every day the sunrises someone tells you “tomorrow” you tell me when it gets here.

It’s time that someone pull Barack Obama off the campaign trail, and ask “what is he going to do today,” especially African Americans.



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