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The lesser of two megacorporate evils is still Evil

Ok, I’m new here.  Started ranting in the comment thread about the “brutal” BO commercial, and didnt see it come up–  probably ended up looking way too long for such a thread anyways:


@davidfetter, what you perceive as “they will sometimes listen” really equates to “they know how to keep Our kind strung along, chanting ‘hope springs eternal’ despite their deeds repeatedly proving that they just deceived Us yet again.”  Their whole M.O. is to position themselves a hair’s breadth to the left of the Repugs (which they’ve systematically allowed to go way, far-out wacko rightwing these last 25 years..) and then take everyone left of that for granted, controlling you with FEAR…  it’s called the Evil of Two Lessers, to quote Ralph Nader..   it’s a duopoly that’s quite evident in that it continues to keep 3rd party voices out of the MSM with truly disturbing control.  Also, note the nasty irony with which they steal the left’s wordings verbatim and twist them for their purposes, in the exact same way of the Repugs:   us Greens were floating the bumpersticker “vote your hopes, not your fears” back in 2000..  then stinking BO packages the word Hope with his unmatched money/corporatism machine come campaign time..

Yes, it has been mildly interesting to hear these soundbites from BO campaign stops when I listen to headlines on the radio (have no tv, nor do I feel like taking my valuable time to sit through this dumbed-down level of video Product..) but it’s eerily familiar..  campaign time, so out comes all the left-sounding rhetoric.  I wasn’t fooled the 1st time, and was proven right–  his admin has been chock full of wall street scum and vile planet-poisoners the likes of Vilsack.  How do so many of you let this party take you for granted over and over..  taking you for such the chumps, already?   If you’re unable to analyze the success with which he bamboozled you these last 3.5 years–  going back on so, so many promises and successfully slipping by you such efforts as CONTINUING THE ACTUAL LEGAL CASES DUBYUH WAS PURSUING AGAINST THE BILL OF RIGHTS..  if you’re not able to spot this as fraud, you really need to unregister as Voter and leave it to folks with a decent IQ.  Oh, and we’re supposed to be all elated that John Roberts was apparently given many sacks of cash to horrifically twist legal reasoning so that Big Pharma makes out at the Supes level like the bandits that they were in those backroom deals where this Romneycare was drafted by BO and the megacorporate thug crew, ensuring a gouging middleman Insurance Corp layer in our shytestem for some ungodly lengthy time to come.  Domestic surveillance drones?  Oh you know, just yet another thing congress Dems would’ve felt compelled to fight hard if it were Bush, but BO represents a demographic packaging Holy Grail, so not a peep.  (Don’t blame me, I voted for a black FEMALE!  And it’ll be a singlepayer-advocate M.D this time.  Someone who knows that a healing herb is something to promote, not act the jack-boot greedhead thug toward.

So great, now he’s talking about undoing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, and even getting strong on the issue of how tricke-down has been flat-out proven not to work, something I’ve been yelling back at the radio for eternity.  But were he someone who really meant it, he wouldve been pushing this point for years, not just now.  Throws a bone, of sorts, to immigrant labor.. but only just now, because it’s campaign time:  the preceeding few years have seen deportations spike way above anything that took place under the Bush Crime Family.  Same for tolerance toward gay marriage..  sure seemed for quite awhile there that he was happy kissing up to the religious nutjob crowd.. but hey, all the sudden it’s crunch time and he’s amassing gargantuan sums from rodomontade confabs in SanFran and Hollywood.  Sorry, but a prez candidate that stands for me is about cleaning up elections, not raisng the ante.
I worked for the Dems many moons ago, but the continuous throwing-under-the-bus of left-leaners in the party just disgusted me to the core, as does this continuation of hypocrisy.  It’s up to us progressives to build the alternative and get traction ASAP..  if this level of crap eminating from the duopoly of megaconglomerate/corporatist Two Parties isn’t stench enough for you, I don’t know what would be.

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