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Groove on the rubble

Impressionist David Frye (1933-2011) released an album in 1971 entitled Richard Nixon Superstar. It was a scathingly funny album in which Mr. Frye managed to skewer both the right and the left.


One of my favorite bits is called The Radicals. The set-up is that Richard Nixon wants to “rap” with Yippie Jerry Rubin so Nixon can be down with the youth of America.


Nixon asks Rubin what his side wants, and Rubin answers with the equivalent of, “We want to destroy everything you hold dear.”


Nixon counters with, “What will you do when everything is destroyed?”


Rubin says, “I don’t know, man, maybe just sit there and groove on the rubble.”


This comedy bit jumped from the back of my brain to the front of my brain this week when John “Tiny” Boehner (Pronounced “Boner”) had the House of Representatives vote to repeal Obamacare for the third time.


Before the 2010 mid-term elections, the Republicans promised jobs, jobs, and more jobs…so far, the Republicans have made sure nothing happened at the national level except that the Bush tax cuts remained in place. At the state level, Republicans have worked to make abortions harder and harder to obtain and have tried to dismantle the labor movement, but at the national level the Republicans just want to tear down the Obama Administration and then “just sit there and groove on the rubble.”


Their one goal (which is really the goal of their corporate masters) is to beat Barack Obama. Other than the claim of “We didn’t let him do crap after the ACA,” the Republicans have nothing to recommend their rule in America but that they are united in their opposition to our first Black President.


If the President says, “Good morning,” they respond with, “What’s so good about it?”


That being said, don’t make the mistake of believing the Republicans don’t have alternative plans to the problems we face as a country. That isn’t true. We should all know exactly what they have planned.


Should the Republicans win the White House and Congress:


  • They will repeal as much as they dare of the ACA. You can kiss single-payer goodbye.


  • They will work a 50-state strategy to leave abortion legal but impossible to get.


  • They will wait until they can assure that personnel changes on the SCOTUS will guarantee the overturning of Roe v. Wade.


  • They will start a war with Iran, thereby reinvigorating military spending at the expense of the already-exhausted American soldiers and sailors.


  • Regulations on Wall Street will dwindle to the speed limit signs and the Walk/Don’t Walk lights.


  • You will find oil wells everywhere.


  • Women won’t be able to get contraception and will have to start locking themselves up at night.


  • Gains by the LGBT community will be erased one right at a time and state-by-state.


  • It will get harder and harder for poor, elderly, and brown people to vote.


  • Rich people will get richer.


  • Poor people will get poorer.


  • Sick people will get sicker, and the sickest will die.


  • Bad schools will get worse.


  • Teachers will read prepared scripts in the classroom.


  • Old people will just have to get by on less.


  • Disabled people will just have to suck it up.


  • People without jobs will have to quit being such a burden on those of us who are not lazy a-holes.


  • Black people and women will relearn their place.


  • The literate and the liberal will be hunted for sport with dogs.


I am paranoid, I’ll admit it. I’m convinced there is no depth too deep for a Republican if it gets them the keys to the candy store.


On my side is the truth. On their side is whatever they want to say…it’s barely a fair fight, but they don’t care. Barak Obama’s defeat is the only goal between today and November 6. They will pull out all the stops because they see this election as one of their last chances to take total, permanent control of America.


I told you I was paranoid.


The opposition is not a bunch of bumbling idiots. Mitt Romney wanted to be booed by Black people. He wants the right kind of White folks to see those uppity Black folks booing a self-made (that’s a joke) White businessman.


I’m sure that the Romney camp is looking for a place where Mitt can be booed by some LGBT radicals, Latinos, the unemployed, and welfare mothers. That would really make Mitt’s day.


Republicans and their corporate masters see the age of the White, Christian male slipping away in America, and they are petrified…don’t underestimate them and don’t turn your back for a minute.


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