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People always have been the foolish victims of deception and self-deception in politics, and they always will be until they have learnt to seek out the interests of some [elite] class or other behind all moral, religious, political and social phrases, declarations and promises.


-Vladimir Lenin,  The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism (1913)


Communism in Russia may be down but not out.

In the presidential election held last September, Communist candidate Gennady Zyuganov polled 17 percent. Zyuganov continues to lash out against the liberal, capitalist transformations within his country.  He recently derided Mikail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin as traitors for their roles in breaking up the former Communist superpower, the Soviet Union.

“Gorby” did have a strangely close relationship with his counterpart Ronald Reagan.  This despite the Reagan administration setting out to undermine the Soviet economy by manipulating oil prices downward (vis-à-vis Saudi Arabia). 

Amongst the many cheerful photographs of Gorby with his pal Reagan, there is one that deserves special attention.  Take a close look at that unusual handshake.  It is a Freemason’s grip; thumb pressing on the second knuckle of the recipient.



This photograph ties Gorbachev (and Reagan) to Freemasonry, and thus to the globalist scheme for a “new world order.”  There are many such photographs on the Web with top political and religious figures exchanging secret handshakes — including, of course, the Bushes and Obama.

Communism, as a philosophy, is anti-greed and anti-religion.  Capitalism, meanwhile, is pro-greed and closely tied to religion. The unholy marriage of capitalism and religion has produced a diabolical offspring: an elite ruling class loyal not to their countrymen but to their own secret society, Freemasonry, dedicated to occultism and global conquest.

It was a grand success for the globalist elite, the Freemasons, to infiltrate the Communist Party and install one of their own as leader of the Soviet Union.  Bringing down the USSR was an essential first step towards the coveted New World Order.  The inside job of 9/11, and all that followed, would never have been possible if the Communist USSR were still around to investigate and reveal the truth.

Now, please go back to the top and read the quote from Lenin over again.  And again.

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