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Political Prisoner Radio interviews Robert H. King of the Angola 3

Below is a link for downloading the radio show and from their website, a description of a recent interview with Robert H. King conducted by Political Prisoner Radio:


Examining the horrific and tortuous case of the Angola 3 with special guest and former Angola 3 political prisoner, Bro. Robert King.


Bro. Robert writes: “My name is Robert H. King, a.k.a. Robert King Wilkerson. I am the only freed member of the Angola 3. Along with my comrades Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace we were targeted for our activism as members of the Black Panther Party. After 31 years in Angola prison in Louisiana, 29 spent years in solitary confinement, I was released in February 2001. Since that time I have been described as an author, a candy maker, a former political prisoner and an activist. However, I just see myself as a person trying to make a difference. My life’s focus is to campaign against abuses in the criminal justice system and for the freedom of Herman and Albert, who are now serving their 40th year in solitary confinement. I may be free from Angola, but Angola will never be free of me…”


Herman and Albert remain in solitary, continuing to fight for their freedom, over 40 years later. Both men, whose sentences for their original crimes have long since passed, suffer from a range of different medical issues. Amnesty International is calling on the Louisiana authorities to end the cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of Woodfox and Wallace, and to remove them immediately from solitary confinement.


Please go to and to take action and receive ongoing updates on supporting the release of these political prisoners.

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Angola 3 News

Angola 3 News