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Last night as America breathlessly awaited dispatches from Willard Swiss Miss Romney’s first encounter with people of the  blah persuasion in deepest darkest Houston, to say nothing of whether the Republican-controlled House would repeal liberty and freedom-destroying ObamaScare for the eleventyith zillionth time, Mark Halperin (who is the Sarah Palin of punditry) was furiously masturbating twatting up a storm about what Sarah Palin (the Mark Halperin of washed-up reality show stars) had to say about Mitt Romney’s future which is starting to look as bleak and desolate as the Alaskan tundra littered with the bleached bones of wolves gunned down by drunken snowbillies in Piper Cubs.

One of these days I’m going to have to get around to apologizing to Luke Russert for accusing him of being the worst nepotism hire in the history of nepotism.

[Luke Russert reads this, looks around for someone to high-five, settling instead for tearfully whispering to a tattered and highlighted copy of Big Russ & Me, “I made you proud, dad… I made you proud.”]

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