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LIVE: 99 Mile March Reaches Liberty Square

The 99 Mile March, led by Tom Morello’s Guitarmy, began in Philadelphia in honor of the National Gathering. They also marched to honor the great folk music hero Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday.

After marching all the way to New York City over several days, the march from Staten Island has grown into a massive crowd that is now singing and dancing in Zucotti Park, a.k.a. Liberty Square, the birthplace of Occupy Wall Street.

More information on Twitter: @99MileMarch #99MileMarch #Guitarmy #OWS

Update 4:15pm EST As musicians continue to play, there have been at least 2 arrests. Repeat offender NYPD Officer Winski arrested a drummer for drumming and at least one other occupier.

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