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For your possible amusement and entertainment.

The following is an email I sent, only moments ago, to Rand Paul via a front group, “Campaign For Liberty” for which he is shilling.

It is a response to his specific request to cough up money, as a “personal favor”, in support of a  “grassroots liberty agenda”.

I’m so excited! He even autographed it for me!

Rand Paul signature

My response follows;

Mr. Paul,

Please do not misinterpret my contribution to a single issue upon which we share a modicum of agreement as a blanket endorsement of either your views of those of your father.

Because I support the basic concept of bringing the Federal Reserve to heel, I have demonstrated my limited approval with my small donation. Modest as it was, it was still money I could ill afford to part with. My financial situation, along with that of a very large and constantly growing number of The People, is perilously close to desperate.

Quite frankly, I do not feel that H.R. 459: Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011 is adequate, but it’s better than nothing. Having a significant number of cosponsors, it may stand a better chance than H.R. 2990: National Emergency Employment Defense Act of 2011, which I feel very strongly is a much superior and more worthy bill.

I see H.R. 459 as a possible stepping stone to H.R. 2990 and that is the only reason I have taken steps to support it. As to the rest of your “libertarian” philosophy, every man for himself and the last one standing wins; no thank you.

As millennia of inquiry, study and scientific research, not to mention common sense, have proven irrevocably, Homo sapiens is a very social species. My preference is for a government that more truly represents that condition. A strongly social democracy, wherein such vital interests as money, banks, the economy, energy production, agriculture and health care are nationalised, under a government that actually is of the people, is the only form of governance that can fairly and sustainably provide for a large and diverse civil society.

It must be remembered that, first and foremost, it is the duty and obligation of any such governing body to serve the People and, before all else, Promote the General Welfare and Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and our Posterity.

Please note there is no qualification in the above statement limiting said service to only those with enough wealth to make those chosen to govern their willing slaves.

If you choose to cling to your delusion of individual rights superseding all others, I suggest you find a functioning time machine and return to any one of a number of previous empires which followed that concept to its only logical and inevitable conclusion. The British Empire leaps immediately to mind, followed quite closely by the Roman.

In any case, if you wish to engage in any form of civil dialogue, I am not totally indisposed to the possibility. If, however, I continue to receive nothing other than generic marketing ploys, designed for the sole purpose of vacuuming money from my pocket into yours, I will simply unsubscribe from any further messages.

With only the respect which is due,
Richard William Posner





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Richard William Posner

Richard William Posner