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Occupy Philly – July 4th Weekend


Occupiers gathered into discussion circles in Franklin Square Park. Although the original idea was that they would be camped around the Liberty Bell, this the park was only two blocks away. No tents were permitted, but sleeping there on the ground was okay.


Yeah, it was pretty hot. The water table was a busy and popular place.


More tents and gatherings. Occupy Cafe invites you to take part in the national conversation. Open Assembly has made it possible for people all over the country to contribute ideas to the “visioning process.” See this piece for explanation


Occupy held at least a few gatherings in the park where the Liberty Bell was located. Their Declaration of Interdependence: July 4 2012.


As fellow Veteran Occupier Bill Perry says: “From the U.S. Veterans’ Encampment @ the Occupy National Gathering, Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA” Perry’s Facebook page


Monday night, we were told our encampment would be shut down. Here are the Occupiers and the Veterans gathered to resist.


Bill Perry made the announcement that he had gotten us a extension and that we wouldn’t be thrown out after all, at least not yet.


And we got the party started! Video clip 1 Video clip 2


Eventually, the encampment got moved a block to the North. It was shut down at 5:00 the next day.


An Occupy demonstration. I think they were yelling at a bank.
A video clip of this scene.


On the move again.


Two of our members enjoying the sunny day. Absolutely beautiful weather the whole time. Hot and clear all weekend.
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