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Occupy Buffalo and Medea Benjamin #DownDrones

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Occupy Buffalo and Medea Down Drones

After the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia, Occupy Buffalo and the Western New York Peace Center where charged with bringing Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK and Author of Drone Warfare: Killing By Remote Control back to Buffalo to begin a Northeast book tour. Both groups sponsored a week long trip to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia to protest and draw attention to the growing issue of Drone Warfare. With a one-sixth size model drone on display, OB and the Peace Center educated anyone who would listen about the dangers of drones. From the White House to Franklin Square, the image was impossible to ignore. After hearing Medea speak at the National Gathering and seeing the Community Drone Ordinance she had written and encouraged Occupiers to present locally, it was obvious what needed to be done next.  Before starting her northeast book tour, Occupy Buffalo and Western New York Peace Center, both part of the Hancock 38 drone protests at Hancock AFB in Syracuse, NY, joined Medea to present legislation to Buffalo Common Council.

After Rallying in front of City Hall, Medea and both groups went to Council President Richard Fontana to submit “Protection Of The Public Against The Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (DRONES), written by Medea. The legislation states clearly.

“Armed drones and surveillance drones present an unreasonable an unacceptable threat to the rights of individual privacy, freedom of association and assembly, equal protection and judicial due process in the City of Buffalo”

This small dedicated group of people intends to prove Medea’s poetic words as absolute truth. Drones are a global problem; and like others like it, we must attack it at all levels –  from Franklin Square in Philadelphia to Niagara Square in Buffalo, New York, and around the globe, the use of drones is criminally unacceptable. We can only hope that after our date in Common Council the representatives of the City of Buffalo recognize they do not have the consent of the governed when it comes to this issue and so will prevent drones from being used in the nickel city. If our local representatives do what those in Washington are paid not to do, and act in the interest of the people and not the lobbyists who get them elected, then we just might be able to keep the atrocities perpetuated by the existence of these remote control killing machines from our cities. To all Occupiers and community activists: Tell your representatives to keep drones out of your town.

If you want to help ground the drones in Buffalo sign our petition to GROUND THE DRONES

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John Washington

John Washington