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Can We Have Darrell Issa Investigate the Supreme Court Leaks?

This is getting out of hand. In its zeal to uncover why Chief Justice Roberts betrayed the cause of liberty and made Sam, Tony and that other guy cry, every one in the right wing punditry is getting aides from the Court’s right wing to spill the beans on each other. Since CBS’ Jan Crawford first reported leaks from this team, we are now up to at least five leaks (h/t Rosen via DeLong), some in conflict, and none of whom appears to care about loyalty to the court or professional ethics.

So where is Darrell Issa when the country needs him? After all, when these people screw up Constitutional law this badly, and make an unworkable hash of the law they didn’t understand but desperately wanted to take down, we need to know why.

And it’s only about 50 million times more important than Fast and Furious, unless there really is a plan to stop the insane practice of selling automatic weapons to drug gangs that are used to murder thousands of Mexicans.

So let’s have a full Monte Issa investigation, complete with hearings, sworn witnesses, subpoenas, contempt votes and civil suits, and let’s get to the bottom of this.

Because I really want to know what Ruth Ginzburg honestly thinks about the immature, petulant 19th century boys she has to work with every day. It must be hell.

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