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Take a look at the ‘stars’ of the ‘Defeat Barack Obama Telethon’

Ah, yes. Following up on my post about the 4th of July “Defeat Barack Obama Telethon,”  sponsored by The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, where the organizers promised a star-studded affair “based on a similar model to Jerry Lewis’s historic Labor Day Telethons to fight Muscular Dystrophy.”  The goal is to ‘liberate the nation’ from the tyranny of Obama’s rule by attractive viewers to see luminaries of the right.

I received this in my inbox today. I’m sure you’re extremely excited about this roster!

Here are confirmed guests for this historic event:

Herman Cain – 2012 Republican presidential candidate and founder of Cain’s Solutions.

Congresswoman Sandy Adams – (R) Florida.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio – “America’s Sheriff”

Janine Turner – Radio talk show host, television commentator and actress.

Dick Morris – Political analyst, author.

Phyllis Schlafly – Founder, Eagle Forum

More below the fold.

Wayne Allyn Root – 2008 Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold and Tax Cuts” and a television commentator.

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher – Joe The Plumber, Congressional candidate.

Melanie Morgan – Radio talk show host, author of “American Mourning” and a television commentator.

Jim Labriola – Comedian, cast member from TV’s Home Improvement.


Jackie Mason – Comedian and actor.

Alveda King – Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Christian minister, pro-life activist and author.

Amy Kremer – Chairman, Tea Party Express.

Joe Miller – 2010 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate (Alaska) and former federal magistrate.

Dr. Gina Loudon – Radio talk show host, tea party activist.

Jedediah Bila – Author, television & radio political commentator.

Judi McLeod – Editor, Canada Free Press.

Judson Phillips – Founder, Tea Party Nation and Director,

Floyd Brown –

Victoria Jackson – Actress, activist and former “Saturday Night Live” cast member.

Deroy Murdock – Syndicated columnist and contributing editor for National Review.

Debbie Lee – Gold Star Mom – Director, Move America Forward and Founder of America’s Mighty Warriors.

William Gheen – President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

Ryan Mauro – National Security Analyst,

Teri Christoph – Co-Chair of She-PAC, and Co-Founder and Vice President of Smart Girl Politics.

Pamela Geller – Author, blogger, political commentator.

Jason Mattera – Editor of Human Events, author.

Dr. Melissa Clouthier – Conservative leader on Twitter.

Pat Dollard – Former Hollywood agent, patriot and filmmaker.

Tabitha Hale – Director of New Media of The Franklin Center.

Eric Odom – Director of Interactive Media at Grassfire Nation.

Danny Tarkanian – Congressional candidate.

Terresa Monroe Hamilton – Conservative blogger, “The Progressive Hunter.”

Ali Akbar – Vice President, Vice & Victory

David Codrea – Gun Rights Examiner, broke Fast & Furious scandal.

Ted Cruz – Candidate for U.S. Senate, Former Solicitor General of Texas.

Dan Riehl – Riehl World View.

John Ruberry – Marathon Pundit Bog.


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