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Refuge Refused (photo: kohane / flickr)

Only after the last tree has been cut down. Only after the last fish has been caught. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten. Cree Nation Tribal Prophecy

  • “US factories saw their biggest one-month drop in orders last month since the 9/11 terrorist attacks as the effects from Europe’s sovereign debt crisis rippled across the Atlantic.”
  • “Fears that food prices will rocket at the end of the year after a poor US harvest were heightened after predictions that a drought across the Midwest will to continue for at least another week.”
  • “Mexico’s presumed President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto has thanked voters for giving his PRI party another chance and has vowed no return to the past. With almost all votes counted, Mr Pena Nieto is about six points ahead of his nearest rival, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has not admitted defeat.”
  • “A proposal to declare a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic Ocean has been defeated at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) annual meeting. Latin American countries argued that declaring a sanctuary would help whale conservation and whale-watching.”
  • “US and Pakistani officials have expressed optimism that Islamabad is close to reopening its Afghan border to Nato troop supplies after a seven-month blockade, a move that could significantly reduce tension between the two countries.”
  • “Insecurity and armed attacks on police and army are on the rise in Egypt’s North Sinai, a restive flashpoint region that shares borders with both Israel and the Gaza Strip.”
  • TRNN: “Refusing to Enlist in Israel. Why would a girl or a boy choose to refuse to enlist? – Alon Gurman and Noam Gur and their way of dealing with the consequences of refusing to enlist.”
  • “Physicists at the Fermi National Accelerator Lab in Illinois say they have come tantalisingly close to proving the existence of the elusive subatomic Higgs boson – dubbed the ‘god particle’ because it brings mass and order to the universe.”

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

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