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Rocky Anderson Updates and Interview with Ralph Nader & Dennis Kucinich

PRN’s A Better World Discussion: Our Way Forward with Rocky Anderson, Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, & Barbara Marx Hubbard

Last night Rocky joined host Mitchell Rabin in a discussion with Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, and Barbara Marx Hubbard. It was a rich program full of straight-forward discussion about the current state of America and, conversely, the prospect we have to come together to ensure a better future.


In other news, Rocky will be a recurring guest on The Norman Goldman Show, a progressive talk show. Goldman has invited Rocky Anderson to be a regular guest on his interactive talk radio show every Wednesday. Check him out this Wednesday on July 4th!


On to some quick updates, it’s been awhile:

In CA, the campaign  & the ACLU sued the state in order to get on the ballot because of onerous signature requirements. However for now that problem looks to be resolved. The Peace and Freedom Party, associated in the past with Ralph Nader, nominated Anderson to their ticket. He beat out the two prominent socialist candidates (Stewart Alexander-Socialist Party USA & Stephen Durham-Freedom Socialist Party) in the primary.  Anderson should qualify for the ballot under the Peace and Freedom Party ticket.

In New Mexico, a similar strategy was taken, and Anderson will be on the ballot under the New Mexico Independent Party, which again has ties to Nader’s previous campaign for the presidency.

In VT, the campaign submitted the required amount of petition signatures, but the state rejected them because of onerous, unnecessary requirements. FWIW, the Stein campaign is also struggling to overcome similar issues in VT, as well as IL and MD. The Anderson campaign is suing to overturn this decision, and a hearing is set in a few weeks. I believe another suit may occur in Hawaii to get on the ballot there as well.

Already on the ballot in Mississippi! Utah also, which is his home state, as you know.

Needless to say, there are efforts all across the country for ballot access. In case he does not make it on the ballot in your state, remember there is always the write-in option.


Remember to please donate if you are able. It’s critical for small campaigns and upstart parties!

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