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Amid Derecho, WashPost Shoves Het Privilege Down Readers’ Throats

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Amid one of the worst thunderstorm events in recent memory, a derecho that originated west of Chicago, in Iowa, and culminated in billions of dollars of damage on the mid-Atlantic coast — from New Jersey to North Carolina! — as well as 13 deaths, the Washington Post decided this was a good weekend to flaunt its owners’ family’s heterosexual privilege.

With a link on their online front page otherwise strewn with disaster imagery and stories, the Post editors made their big boss’s wedding a to-do, despite the “small, quiet” nature of the event itself. Readers are rightly asking, “Can’t these people keep it in the bedroom?”

Washington Post Chairman and CEO Donald Graham was married Saturday evening in Philadelphia to fellow former newspaper executive Amanda Bennett in a small family ceremony.

The longtime friends and colleagues — who served together on the Pulitzer Prize board from 2002 to 2008 — have been dating for about two years.

1%ers will always exercise their privileges, and use their own personal newspapers to alert us to their lovely rituals. But must they shove their filthy habits down the throats of American families? Why need we read about them flaunting their privilege when the Post’s reporters would be better assigned to cover the natural disaster visited on the paper’s circulation area?

Keep it in the bedroom, please, people. Your exercising your civil rights ends at my computer screen.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge