America Unfriends K-Mart Kardashian

Looks like turnabout is fair play and so this time it is America that has quit on a Palin and not the other way around as Lifetime TV (Television For Idiots!) has moved Bristol Daenerys Meth-Born of House Palin and her baby dragon’s teevee show to a later time-slot because nobody really gives two poops about a deeply uninteresting single mom of one or possibly two children depending upon whether a season-ending cliffhanger is called for in order to capture the coveted Andrew Sullivan demographic:

On the heels of not-so-stellar ratings on the second week of Bristol Palin’s reality show, Lifetime has moved the docu-series out of primetime.

“Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp” spent two weeks in the 10 p.m. timeslot. Starting next Tuesday, it will air at 11 p.m., a network rep confirmed, followed by a repeat of “Dance Moms.”

The show’s June 19 debut tanked, drawing only 726,000 viewers, losing more than half of its “Dance Moms” lead-in.

This week, people bailed from two Levi Johnston-centric episodes (Levi — Bristol’s ex/father of her son — has a tell-all book published, Bristol tries to set up a meeting with Levi, etc.). The first episode at 10 p.m. attracted 586,000 people, and then dropped to 426,000 viewers during the second episode at 10:30.

Yes. And just like nobody showed up to get free autographed copies of Bristol’s book people are staying away in droves from her show during the summer … when everything on TV is repeats and there is nothing on.

And, speaking of repeats, and just to rub it into Bristol’s surgically-enhanced face a bit more, Lifetime will replace her show with Dance Moms repeats which is a show about moms and dancing; the only two things Bristol is really good at besides shot-gunning a Barokes and getting pregnant.

The good news is that monosyllabic sno-bro and half-term first dood Tawd Palin’s reality show Stars Earn Stripes is a go, so at least somebody in the family will still have a job besides Sarah’s occasional Fox News booty-calls. This is also good news at the Van Susteren household, where Tawd’s show will be called Greta’s Bean Flicking Hour.

I know. Ew.

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