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Hard not to smile

Lordy, I disliked Dubya with a passion.

That village idiot from Texas was the POTUS for eight long years. He got a whole boatload of people killed to prove his oil derrick was bigger than his daddy’s oil derrick.

He was dumber than a bag of mountain oysters and easily the least intellectual man to ever get degrees from Harvard and Yale.

So, it was hard not to crack a smile when I heard that Chief Justice John Roberts was the deciding vote in the SCOTUS decision on the Affordable Care Act. The universe can be perverse with its sense of humor.

When the right-wing has its aneurism, they can owe it to a man they thought was one of their own. That’s why I nearly cracked a smile when the decision was announced on SCOTUS Blog on Thursday morning.

I can’t smile or gloat because this ruling will fire up the Obama Haters to a level way beyond anything we have seen yet…AND…we have seen some rancid crap since Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination for President in 2008.

I was going to suggest some of the crap that might result from this decision, but, since the right isn’t reality-based, it could be anything. Even reasonable Obama Haters can’t be counted on to require the truth to be outraged.

I work with a very nice and smart man (I’m serious; I’m not being ironic.) Even he believes that Barack Obama and Eric Holder want his guns. He believes that there is a secret plan to get rid of the Second Amendment in a second Obama term. This man KNOWS for certain that, all facts to the contrary, Fast and Furious was the tip of the gun-control iceberg.

Another person I work with (also very nice and very smart) believes that the President will sign us onto a United Nations treaty intended to squash illegal arms trading and somehow use that to take our guns.

I tell them that neither thing can happen without Congressional approval, and they just smile and say, “Sure, with this Congress, but what if they get a bunch more Democrats elected?”

I tell them that even when there was a whole bunch more Democrats in both Houses of Congress, it took both President Ronald Reagan and Reagan’s Press Secretary, James Brady, getting shot by John Hinckley, Jr., to get the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act passed. That made it necessary for background checks to be run on all persons wanting to purchase a firearm from a federally licensed dealer, manufacturer, or importer.

They look at me and say, “Yes, but Obama and Holder want our guns, and we have to stop them.”

I tell them that the NRA will never let that happen. I tell them that most Democrats are so scared of the NRA that they won’t pass anything that smacks of taking away our guns.

They say, “They want our guns.”

I say the only piece of “gun” legislation President Obama signed was a law that allowed handguns in national parks.

They say, “It’s a trick.”

That’s just the gun issue. They know their facts, and any other facts cannot get through to them.

Add in the Birther crap, the Socialist crap, Redistribution-of-Wealth crap, the Obamacare-is-the-beginning-of-the-end-for-America crap, the Secret-Muslim crap, and all the new crap the right will tailor to all the constituencies they figure they can get to fear the President, and we could have an entire election where facts (real facts) mean nothing.

The SCOTUS decision on the Affordable Care Act is a victory for the citizens of the United States of America that have to decide between food and a doctor. Remember the other side will not hesitate to lie about the ACA or anything else in its maniacal quest to unseat Barack Obama…remember death panels…they have already made a comeback.

The truth will not set you free, my friends; we have got to turn out the vote. Put feet on the ground and get people registered to vote. Figure out how to beat Republican voter-suppression schemes.

The only chance America has to see full implementation of the Affordable Care Act is if President Obama gets re-elected. The only way to keep Mitt Romney from appointing up to three Supreme Court Justices is to kick Mitt’s ass up over his shoulder blades so he will have to take his shirt off to take a crap.

OK…I do have to do one bit of gloating. It is a very narrow gloat, and it isn’t entirely about the Affordable Care Act. This is something on which I worked for quite a while until I hit the right balance of satire and maturity…I hope you enjoy it:

Suck it, Scalia!

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