Lipstick Vogue

Not to dump on her since it was her producer who seems to have blown it, but…

So who was the Bright Young Up-and-Coming Journalism Star at CNN who reported the Supreme Court’s ACA decision first but unfortunately reported it wrong? Yeah, that would be #10 on The Hill’s Most Beautiful People for 2011, Kate Bouldan. Let’s see how she explains journalisming:

Kate Bolduan is happy to dissuade anyone who thinks television news is nothing but glamour.

The CNN correspondent says the congressional beat has been basically nonstop since she got to Capitol Hill a couple of months ago, with first the scandal erupting around former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) and then the debt-ceiling showdown.

“There’s definitely never a dull moment,” Bolduan says. “It’s been, boom, one big story after another.

“It’s sort of like Murphy’s Law,” she says. “If you think nothing’s going to happen, something usually will.”

With all the running around, Bolduan jokes that she sometimes barely has a spare moment to get herself ready to go on camera — or, as she jokingly puts it, to throw on the uniform and the mask.

“I think the viewers cut us some slack,” the Indiana native says. “If it comes down to making one final phone call or putting on lipstick, I’ll make that one final phone call every time.”

Actually, Murphy’s Law states that: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.

I bet she understands it better now.

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