There’s a Balkans-type war headed to the USA. It doesn’t have as much to do with ethnic cleansing as it does with ideological cleansing. They want to kill us all. They may couch their hatred in euphemism, but if you read what I have, they’re ready to start shooting people. Those crazy fucks who screamed “KILL HIM” at Sarah Palin rallies in ’08 weren’t kidding.

I’ve been reading a lot of reaction to the SCOTUS decision on Obamacare and the wingnuts are talking about locking and loading. I know many of you are weak and don’t want to “stoop to their level,” but they’re going to bring it. If you care about your families, you need to be prepared. You may think I’m crazy, but just read some of the more radical wingnut sites. They’re preparing.

I wish I could say I believe I won’t live to see it, but if Obama is re-elected (and I surely hope he is), they may not be able to contain themselves, and they may start shooting politicians, pundits and other people they don’t like. If you don’t believe that can happen, keep in mind the first shot has already been fired, into the brain of Dr. George Tiller. If you don’t think they’re like ants or cockroaches, you’re delusional.

I know many of you will report this, try to get me banned, all that crap and you may succeed, but you need to think about your families and your future. At my age, there’s a fair chance I might not see it but most of you are younger than me, and the chances are you WILL see it. It’s going to get ugly and you can either prepare for it or be bulldozed by it.

I will not be bulldozed. See you at the range.