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If They Have Any Sense…

Considering what Big Money pays for the advice of the think tanks they sponsor, some of the advice ought to be good. If the Supremes have any sense, they will huddle with tankers and uphold the Individual Mandate. They may never get another chance to advance the cause of privatization, to entrench and fortify it in law, with a single decision. Make no mistake: this is a disaster. The Individual Mandate is only part of a law that was largely written by private-sector lobbyists. It is nothing less than de facto rule by corporations. The insurance premiums we pay then become nothing less than a tax levied by the private sector, backed by and enforced by the awesome power of what we used to call government, now reduced to the role of enforcer for their fascist, corporate masters. It is the greatest betrayal of democracy perpetrated by the Obama (the white Clinton) administration.

If the Supremes have any sense, they will uphold the mandate, a signal to Foxnoise to begin the wailing and gnashing of of teeth: Oh, the shame, the agony everlasting! You’ve won, Democrats! And in the ensuing victory dance, Democrats will give away the rest of the store. As I write this, I find out I am right. Dammit!

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