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Scout And Elizabeth Talk About White House Proposal with Melissa Harris-Perry

This past Sunday, Melisa Harris-Perry talked first about marriage

And then she followed up that video essay on marriage with an interview of Scout and Elizabeth — Scout being the one who proposed to his then girlfriend at the White House LGBT Pride Month Reception:

To me, the most interesting query from Melissa Harris-Perry in the interview video came after Elizabeth and Melisa discussed how the term “wife” isn’t considered a liberating term by second wave feminists, and Elizabeth mentioned that she and Scout had been gender outlaws. So here’s what Melissa asked (emphasis added):

Scout, you’re trans-male. So in the sense of like males being able to marry females in this country, it’s legal, but it’s outside of what we’d consider normative. Is that’s what some of the angst is here?

Normal. Normative. Those are interesting words to contemplate when one is talking about trans people and their relationships, don’t you think?

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen