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Here Is Today’s “Test Question”


Here is Today’s “Test Question”

Every four years, the Grudge Match between “progressives” versus “conservatives” becomes institutionalized.  Therefore, in November, this Grudge Match is two-pronged, meaning “progressive” Democrats versus “conservative” Democrats, as well as “progressives” versus “conservatives” (Republicans and Democrats alike.)

Now, are you ready to cast your vote?

And from the perspective that is my Sonoran Desert view, Hispanics in Phoenix, Arizona, in the election of 2008, 85% voted for Obama.  Consequently, in November’s election, Hispanic Republicans will, at a 50% pace, will be voting for Obama, and which raises this “bar” to the level for being above 90% and equivalent to the voting behavior by Native Americans and African Americans.

Therefore, the Democratic Trend is the equivalent to a Glacier and which chews everything up.  Consequently, are you prepared to get “chewed up” while failing to vote?


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