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Marijuana Voters Join Jill Stein Now: Green Revolution & Economic Conversion – This Week Only

Marijuana Voters Join Jill Stein Now: Green Revolution & Economic Conversion – This Week Only — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


The Jill Stein for President campaign has less than one week to get enough donations to receive matching funds. To accomplish that, her campaign must raise at least $5,000 in at least 20 states. So far, she has done so in eleven. The first $250 from any donor counts toward the matching funds. Donors can give more if they choose. If she does get matching funds, that will mean an influx of more than $100,000 into the campaign at once. This is Marijuana’s last best chance this year. Last best chance for peace, too. And Human Rights. Go Jill Stein!

The 2012 US Presidential Election is shaping up to be a referendum on ending Marijuana Prohibition. It is reminiscent of the 1932 US Presidential Election, which took place during a series of Article V Constitutional Conventions to repeal Alcohol Prohibition. Prohibition didn’t work then, and it doesn’t work now. Then, the anti-Prohibition movement swept Franklin D. Roosevelt into office, even though both the Democrats and the Republicans were far-Right Parties opposed to Legalization. Just like now, the duopoly legacy Parties wanted Prohibition to continue. The people did not. The people won.

When I recently commented that I couldn’t vote for Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts US Senator because she announced that she would defy the will of the state’s voters on Legalizing Marijuana, another commenter at rebuked me, contending that Marijuana is a minor peripheral issue. I disagree: Not only is it a major Human Rights issue and an essential medicine, it is intricately tied to all other political issues. I’ll explain how below.


First the map:

How to Read this Map

A. Get so stoned that it looks like a map. All 50 states and the District of Columbia are situated approximately where they should be. Find your state on the map. Compare it to other states.

B. The caption for each state shows how close Dr. Stein is to securing $5,000 in donations from that state, and it shows the Marijuana legal situation in the state.

Line 1: Two-letter state abbreviation, followed in parentheses by the number of donors needed to put that state over the top, assuming that each donor gives the maximum of $250.

Line 2: Tells if donation collection in each state is: Below 25% of the $5,000 needed [<1/4]; around a quarter of the way there, as estimated by the campaign [quart]; around halfway there [half]; more than three-quarters there [>3/4]; or already over $5,000 [done].

Line 3: Tells if state has Medical Marijuana [mmj]; if the state’s Medi-Juana is crucial to our national economy [mmj(!)]; and if the state had/has a Marijuana Proposition this year [prop].

Line 4: Tells if Marijuana is on the ballot in the state this year [ballot]; if outlaw Marijuana Smokeasies currently operate in the state [smokeasy]; if state citizens frequently use Civil Disobedience pot smoking to intimidate police [CD]; if the state has a strong Industrial Hemp movement [hemp]; if the state has Willie Nelson helping out its (Industrial) Hemp movement [Willie]; and if the state has a hidden loophole through which Marijuana is already more legal than it is in other states [loophole]. (The Line 4 stuff may spill over into other Lines. That’s just it goes when you get to Line 4.)








*****     WA(0) MT(20) ND(20) MN(0) WI(0) MI(5) ******  MA(0) VT(20) NH(20) ME(15)

*****     *done* *<1/4* *<1/4* *done* *done* *>3/4* ****    *done* *<1/4* *<1/4* *quart*

*****     *mmj* *mmj* ooooo oooo *prop* *mmj* ********   loophole *prop* *mmj* *mmj*

*****     *ballot* ooooo *ballot* oooo *hemp* *ballot* ****    *ballot* ooooo *CD* *hemp*


*****      OR(2) ID(20) WY(20) SD(20) IL(0) IN(17) OH(6) NY(0) CT (10) RI(20)

*****     *>3/4* *<1/4* *<1/4* *<1/4* *done* *quart* *>3/4* *done* *half* *half*

*****     *mmj* *prop* oooo ***** oooo *prop* *prop* *prop* *prop* *mmj* *mmj*

*****     *ballot* oooo oooo *hemp* *ballot* oooo *ballot* smokeasy oooo oooo


**  NV(20) UT(20) CO (6) NE(20) IO(20) WV(20) VA(6) DC(12) DE(20) PA(0) NJ(0)

**  *<1/4* *<1/4* *>3/4* *<1/4* *<1/4* *<1/4* *>3/4* *half* *<1/4* *done* *done*

**  *mmj* oooo *mmj(!)* oooo *mmj* *prop* oooo *mmj* *mmj* *prop* *mmj*

**  *prop* oooo *ballot* oooo *prop*    oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo


CA(0) oooo    KS(20) MO(15) OK(20) AR(20) TN(15) KY(20) NC(7) MD(0)

*done* oooo    *<1/4* *quart* *<1/4* *<1/4* *quart* *<1/4* *>3/4* *done*

*mmj(!)* oooo  *prop* *prop* *prop* *prop* *prop* *prop* *prop* *prop*

*ballot* oooo   oooo oooo oooo *ballot* oooo *hemp* oooo oooo


*****   AZ(10) NM(2.5) TX(0) LA(20) MS(20) AL(20) SC(17) GA(17)

*****   *half* *>3/4* *done* *<1/4* *<1/4* *<1/4* *quart* *quart*

*****   *mmj* *mmj* oooo oooo *prop* *prop* *prop* oooo

*****    oooo oooo *Willie* oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo


HI(20) oooo          oooo         oooo      oooo        FL(8)

*<1/4* oooo          oooo         oooo      oooo         *half*

*mmj* oooo          oooo         oooo       oooo        *prop*

oooo oooo          oooo         oooo       oooo    loophole



In case you didn’t know, Jill Stein is the best candidate in the Presidential race on Marijuana. It’s time to stop beating around the bush and end Prohibition now. Legalize it. Under present law, before it can be prescribed or used legally, the President or the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) must order it removed from the Schedule 1 illegal drugs list, which purports that the drug has no medical use. Marijuana is on Schedule 1, even though its documented use as a medicine goes back thousands of years. Dr. Jill Stein, MD, is a Harvard-trained physician, and teaches medicine. She is an expert on the environmental impact of pollutants on people.

In ten states, citizens will be voting on Marijuana questions this year. Other states came close to getting such measures on their respective ballots – came close, but no cigar. Certainly in all those states, there are people who would enormously benefit from Jill Stein’s increased exposure in the campaign, should she get the matching funds. For instance, Marijuana is on the ballot in Oregon, and Jill Stein only needs four more donors to put Oregon over the $5,000 mark. Now, all four of you, I want you to forgo that next ounce, and give that $250 to Jill right now. Do it. Check the map to see if your state is voting on pot. (UPDATE: Oregon needs just 3 now.)

Eighteen states (including the District of Columbia) have Medical Marijuana according to law now, but the Federal Government under President Obama has been ruthless in cracking down on these law-abiding citizens. If you’re in Colorado, a state with a successful Medical Marijuana program, and an upcoming Marijuana Election, you probably want the Federal Government out of your hair, whether you’re a patient or a provider. She only needs nine more donors in Colorado. (UPDATE: Colorado needs just 8 now.)

Twenty-one states have or had Marijuana Propositions in motion in 2012. Missouri, for example, has Marijuana activity this year. It only takes fifteen of you in Missouri to put Jill Stein over the top. The Green Party is all over the world. The established media will not report on this. We are the media now. It is time for the United States to join the Green Revolution. Let’s stop letting our country act superstitiously!.


Here are links to: (1) Jill Stein’s fundraising page, (2) my FireDogLake article about Jack Herer’s 6% hypothesis corroborated by Lund University in Sweden, and cross-posted at MaMaMoJo; (3) my late friend and colleague Jack Herer’s book The Emperor Wears No Clothes (online version), which corroborates the Hemp facts cited in this article; (4) several reports from Attorney Richard Evans’ work on Prohibition Repeal, last time and this time, beginning with one from the Massachusetts Marijuana Movement Journal (MaMaMoJo, or MaMaMoJournal), written and edited by my partner Rachel; and (5) Sticky Greens homepage on Facebook for the new Identity Caucus within the Green Party:







Loopholes: (1) In Florida, prescription Marijuana is already legal. Very few people get it. Elvy Musikka, a good friend of mine who has severe Glaucoma, is one of the few patients in this country getting it prescribed. Unfortunately, it is the worst pot you can imagine: The males and females aren’t separated; it’s harvested by lawnmower; if she gets a bud, it’s by accident; it’s warehoused for years so that by the time she gets it, she has to re-humidify it or it won’t even smoke. (2) In Ohio, if you possess less than 100 grams, you cannot even be ticketed. Nearly everyone in Ohio has under 100 grams. (3) Here in Massachusetts, if caught with Marijuana, the culprit doesn’t have to give the police his or her real name, and doesn’t have to pay the fine. Another Massachusetts Loophole: If the person caught with Marijuana is using it medicinally for Asthma, AIDS, or Cancer, then the charges must be dropped. (4) Alaska’s Supreme Court ruled Marijuana legal there. (~5) Wisconsin’s Constitution provides that possession of Marijuana on private property is not a crime unless and until someone files a complaint. (Wisconsin is not marked as a full Loophole on the map.)


Marijuana – Hemp, that is – has the highest biomass of any plant. What that means is that on any acre or hectare of land, more mass (weight) of Hemp can be grown than of any other plant. Hemp plants can be spaced one inch apart, such that, on one square mile of land, it is quite possible to grow over four billion (4,014,489,600) Hemp plants. Unmolested, they can average over one pound in weight, and produce more than one thousand seeds apiece. One cannot seriously approach the problem of stopping Global Warming without considering the only plant that can do the job – the one with the highest biomass.

That is something that makes Hemp important to our economy: It has the highest biomass, and a lot of it can be produced very fast. Some strains of Marijuana Hemp mature in 45 days. Some people tout switchgrass as a feedstock source for alternative fuel; but in the time it takes to harvest one three-year crop of switchgrass, twenty-four Hemp harvests as described above will ripen! (And Hemp has a much higher biomass than switchgrass, anyway.) In Colonial Virginia, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, citizens were required by law to grow Hemp. Europe had similar laws at the same time, and earlier.

All the gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles in the world, and all of the power plants on Earth, can be powered by clean fuel. And the richest source by far of clean fuel is Hemp: Hemp seeds are the richest source of diesel fuel: Put under a seed press, they are 35% to 40% fuel oil by weight. Hemp is also the richest source of fuel for internal combustion engines, because, having the highest biomass, it is the richest source of ethanol, which can power such cars, today. Hemp buds are a very nutritious food, and a valuable medicine for many conditions.

When the US economy tanked at Election time 2008, that was the biggest one-day percentage drop in the Dow Jones average – not since the famous crash of Black Thursday in October 1929 – but since the crash of 1937-38, when thousands of products made from commercial Hemp were pulled from stores across the nation and around the world: Most clothing and other cloth in history was made from Hemp. Most paint products, most oils. All ropes and tents before then.

In 2010, Lund University in Sweden proved Jack Herer’s hypothesis that growing Hemp on 6% of our arable land can supply all of our US energy needs without causing any Global Warming. Applying the statistics I cited above, we get some interesting outlooks:

~If we began growing Hemp on 6% of our arable land today, the United States would be energy-independent before Election Day 2012, with our very first harvest, 45 days from now;

~Hemp could replace all of our current use of Gasoline, Diesel, Coal, Oil, and Nuclear Power with Clean Energy, in less than seven weeks;

~With this development, we will never need Pipelines, Fracking, Shale Oil, Offshore Drilling, Onshore Drilling, or Coal Mining, because Hemp energy is much cheaper;

~With plenty of Hemp growing, we will have no need to import fuel, plastic or plastic items, food, or building materials. This turn of events will convert our disastrous Trade Deficit into a Trade Surplus, because the amount we now spend on Petroleum is actually more than the entire Trade Deficit;

~New car-powering designs are not needed, because the old designs run fine on clean Hempen fuels;

~The only economically viable way to get enough Hydrogen for energy fuel would be to generate the Hydrogen through Hemp processes.


A person who cares about these issues may be a person who sees benefit in donating to Jill Stein’s campaign. What would also be helpful and valuable now would be to call people you know in the states where she’s getting close to the $5,000 goal, to encourage them to participate. Of course, the Stein campaign needs any amount. Small amounts are welcome, even if all you can afford is $0. Large amounts are welcome, up to $500, but only the first $250 apply to the matching funds. She actually needs to get donations in every state, to emphasize that this is a national campaign, and to expand the Party.

We are not kidding around. This IS the Green Revolution, the Revolution that we have been waiting for all of our lives. Green is where we must go. Now actually IS the time to take the power. Occupy. Get up. Stand up. Stand up for your rights. This is not a corporate candidacy. There are no big funders. This is grassroots. Get your friends together. Join the Green Party of the United States. Join the Green Party of the Earth. When you join, remember to say “Hemp.”

The Republicrats are bad Parties. Let’s have a good Party! We need a good Party! Let’s have a Sticky Green Party!

Assuming that each donor during this crucial final push for matching funds gives the maximum of $250 toward putting a state over the top, all Jill needs now is nine states, which can be reached through just four donors from Oregon, and/or five from New Mexico. And/or eight from any of the following: Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, or Colorado. It would take eleven from Connecticut, eleven-and-a-half from Arizona, twelve from Florida or Washington, DC. Fifteen for Tennessee or Missouri, sixteen for Maine, seventeen for South Carolina, Indiana, or Georgia. It takes no more than 20 donors in any state. In fact, the only seven states without significant Hemp/Marijuana electoral activity in 20123 are: Minnesota, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, Virginia, Louisiana, and Georgia. Jill Stein needs every state. Every state needs Jill Stein. A lot is at stake. Everything.


Flag Illusion: Stare at the central dot for 30 seconds; then turn away and stare at a blank white paper, while blinking your eyes really fast. Doesn’t that make you tired?




| *          *          *          *          *          * ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

| | *          *          *          *          *          ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

| *          *          *          *          *          * |

|||| *          *         *          *          *          ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

| *          *          *          *          *          * |

| | *          *         *          *          *            ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

| *          *          *          *          *          * |

| | *          *         *          *          *            ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

| *||||||||||*||||||||||*||||||||||*||||||||||*|||||||||||||* |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||












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