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Pull Up a Chair: Listen, Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Good Morning, Everyone: Pups, PUAC’ers, Lurkers, Friends, Fellow Humans.

(Fond H/T to Christy Harding Smith, who started Pull A Chair – We miss you, but know you are well. I hope you know that you have inspired me (and I’m Wild Ass Guessing, wink, many others here too.)

This is the first PUAC since Summer has arrived. For some, this is a time when we are planting, cleaning, and celebrating. What else, you guyz, help me out?

Happy Everything to Everyone.

Since we are all human, and still evolving with each new experience that we encounter, I try to track myself, and this involves, whew!, a bit of introspection. And, that brings me to the theme of today’s yakitty-yak. Introspection sometimes leads to a decision to own up to Stuff. A tough nut sometimes.

By nature and history, this Saturday Morning thread has attracted a Pod of People who have learned a bit about each other, have learned to reach and grow with each other, are willing to be Fond and share with each other. I believe that this Pod has been welcoming to everyone who came to share our sentiments.

I thought we might spend the morning Sharing Secrets. Because it’s more than Dish, it’s Secular Confession. Something that happened to you or something that you did, hey, 20, 30, 40 years ago that you never told anyone, or hardly anyone. You could Dump it here.

Cheated on a math test. (That one was from my son who just graduated HS.)

Frequently flies through yellow lights on the road;

Fudged a little on a resume;

An income tax return;

Where I Was Last Night And What I Was Doing. (Not really, we don’t want to go there…, unless you want to.)

To err is human; to forgive, divine.
-Alexander Pope

So, I’m guessing that I’m not alone in my musings on taking responsibility for myself, considering what an intelligent and thoughtful bunch of pups you are. But, if Sharing A Secret with us can unburden you of an un-needed burden, Sweetie-Pies, we could do it now.

And, we’ll all forgive ourselves and each other and it’ll be so Groovy, Babes.

Thank you for being here and as always, Smile and Keep The Faith.

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