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Denny’s new ad celebrates the right to bear arms in true form

Denny’s the diner chain that has had to payout because of numerous racial discrimination lawsuits – based on race, disability and, oh yeah, religion + race, and gender identity and expression, is, I guess, trying to boost its cred with the gun-toting crowd on the PR front these days. It has released a new ad, titled “Greatness,” that boosts – the Second Amendment in noteworthy fashion. (WND featured the dialogue):

“Kids,” the father in the commercial asks after receiving a “Midwestern Meat & Potatoes Sandwich” he’s clearly admiring, “do you know what it is that makes this country great?

“The Constitution our forefathers wrote?” asks his daughter in return.

“Our unified belief in the American dream?” his son suggests.

The other customers in the restaurant then get in on the act, while strains of patriotic music play in the background.

Our melting-pot heritage that proves our differences really are our strengths?” a man proposes.

“It’s our right to bear arms!” insists an elderly lady, referring to the wording of the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment.

“Yes!” says the father, clearly covering his embarrassment at the profundity of answers offered to his question, which he initially asked about his … sandwich. “Those are some of the great things I was thinking of, as well.”

The commercial ends on a lighter note, with the man’s daughter holding up her teddy bear and asking in confused tone, “Bear arms?”

Based on the chain’s legal history, the melting pot falls way down on that list.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding