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June is genitalia month

Two weeks ago I wrote about the ball kicking contest in Wisconsin. This week I get to use the word vagina…and it isn’t even gratuitous. I also will work in “dick,” but that will be gratuitous. It seems that June is genitalia month.

So, what’s with the dicks in the Michigan legislature?

The only thing I can figure is that these Godstapo assholes have spent their entire lives with good, subservient Christian women that turn their brains in at the first sign of a man.

These penis-brain sons-of-bitches have adopted a belief that includes the “men-are-always-right-so-shut-your-mouth-and-open-your-legs” interpretation of the Bible. What bothered the Speaker of the Michigan House more than the word “vagina” was the fact that someone with a vagina back talked him.

Godstapo boys believe in original sin. It was Eve that f**ked up the whole Garden of Eden gig, as far as they are concerned. Eve and her evil vagina seduced Adam into eating the forbidden fruit.

Adam’s punishment was to get thrown out of the Garden and to become mortal. Eve’s punishment was to get tossed from the Garden, become mortal, and to start having periods and suffer the pain of childbirth.

SO…the Godstapo believes that the sluts that get pregnant “by accident” need to suffer the pain of childbirth because that’s the way God wants it…AND… the Godstapo believes they are here on earth to make everybody follow God’s law which they believe they have the sole right to interpret…and when I say “they, “ I mean the men folk.

The Godstapo boys believe they are supposed to take over everything in the name of God…it’s called the Christian Dominion Movement, and they are serious as a heart attack. They are serious, and they will brook no insolence from people with vaginas. After all, it was a person with a vagina that screwed up the whole living-forever-in-paradise routine.

Frankly, I don’t know why thousands of these Godstapo mother**kers aren’t smothered in their sleep by the person with a vagina that sleeps next to them…unless the women are too exhausted from taking care of all the children Godstapo men keep planting in their bellies.

If I treated the women I’ve loved like they were evil, brain-dead sexual orifices, I’d consider myself lucky not to wake up with my penis super glued to my thigh and  my best girl standing over me with a baseball bat.

I think the Godstapo has spent so much time with women that have been raised to believe that independence means eternity in Hell that they have no idea of what a woman scorned is capable.

In the Godstapo mind, any woman not under the thumb of their proper master, a man, is just a slut time bomb waiting to infect the “good” women with silly notions like women ought to be in charge of their own sexuality and fertility.

Crazy, conservative, Rush-lovers say the problem with liberals is that we always imagine the worst possible outcome whenever we discuss politics. They say we overreact.

For example, when SCOTUS made the Citizens United decision, liberals said, “Corporations will be free to spend billions of dollars to support pro-corporate politicians; the average voter won’t be able to compete and democracy hangs in the balance.”

See, we overreact.

I fear that the Godstapo might accomplish this Dominion thing. Imagine the headlines in an America ruled by the Godstapo:

  • Woman claiming rape was wearing “slutty” underwear, case dismissed
  • Woman with one black eye a “slow learner” says County Judge
  • Schools must teach that evolution is Satanic lie
  • Female virginity test required for marriage license
  • Non-Christian cults lose tax-exempt status
  • Crucifixion is too good for the Godless says the Senate, burning at the stake approved

Am I paranoid? Am I overreacting? Nope.

This isn’t a fight for just women. Men have to step up and support our Moms, wives, sisters, aunts, daughters, nieces, cousins, and granddaughters, or they will become second-class citizens in a Godstapo country where doubting God will be a crime and where doubting evolution will be a virtue.

The Godstapo is serious and relentless. They move in and take every fraction of an inch they are given. One day, you look around and they are on the Planning Commission. The next day, they are on the School Board and City Council. Overnight they are in the State House and the Governor’s Mansion. Now we’ve got them in the House and Senate, and the Godstapo is working like crazy to get the Godstapo candidate Mitt Romney elected.

You are not paranoid if they are out to get you. Keep an eye on these pricks.


Eric Holder and Barack Obama conspired to create gun violence so the public would demand stricter gun control…RIGHT…next month they will encourage screwing in a secret plot to end sex.

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