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Jared Polis (D-CO) Boxes DEA Head on Medical Marijuana

By citing DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart’s own description of her agency’s “highest priority” — abuse of prescription drugs — and his own home state’s documented success weaning prescription drug addicts by the use of legal medical marijuana, Congressman Jared Polis actually got the Top Drug Cop to move off her “all drugs are bad, m’kay?” repetition to the more forthright and useful statement that “We will pursue any avenues to reduce drug addiction.”

This statement may cause a problem for her, since it is a lie. Unless orders go forth from her office to stop busting patients whose prescription drug addition is being treated by medical marijuana, she has misled Congress and misreported her agency’s behavior to date.

Getting Leonhart to modify her agency’s enforcement priorities so that patients in Colorado who are prescribed medical marijuana to treat their prescription drug addiction is another matter entirely. But surely Congressman Polis is aware that with the Roger Clemons prosecution having crashed and burned only this week, Eric Holder’s well-staffed Task Force on Lying to Congress is now untasked.

The next time Leonhart’s storm troopers raid a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary — only days away, given her agency’s blistering pace of crackdowns — Polis should recall her to testify immediately after a some prescription drug addicts’ treating physicians, who no longer have access to the reliable tool of medical marijuana. Leonhart’s lie that the DEA will pursue any available avenues to reduce drug addition is certainly worth a Congressional contempt citation, given her past and likely future enforcement action against recovering Oxycontin addicts finding success with a medical marijuana regime.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge