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Tough MyFDL Balancing Act (Or ‘Metalicious’)

Not to get all ‘follow the money’ Marxist on you but I think the following is a reasonable way to boldly frame the issue here and at many ‘conventional progressive’ websites: there’s money in FDL/MyFDL as an Obama quasi-campaign site but there’s also money in the site’s role as a communication space for the many who are way to the left of Obama. Can MyFDL/FDL get through these next five months doing both?

“Maybe not,” some here think. And so some are looking over our shoulders, wondering what the limits are, and when the ban hammer will come down. And, oh yeah, (just to make you twitch a little more readily) there’s been some banning in the past, and I hear once you have a taste …

Anyway, my sense is that it’s useful to try to get the above in-bold sense for what is probably going on here (in a meta sense) during this election season. Respect that context, and let’s not exacerbate the difficulty of Jane Hamsher’s balancing act.

On the other hand, let’s not overrate the importance of being allowed to speak to the, really, pretty tiny audience of fellow more-or-less-real way-to-the-left-of-Obama leftists here, who mostly all already agree on most things. There aren’t that many of us over here and out in the world for a reason, because there are fundamental flaws at the core of U.S. leftism, as David Seaton and many others have indicated. No one has a right here to get all self-righteous toward anyone else, even an Obama fan. Yeah it’s a bad year for the fake left but it ain’t working for the real left either. And the blame for the latter doesn’t all fall on the ‘fake left’. (‘Fake left’ said in a jocular, affectionate tone of voice.)

And, let’s all stipulate, another four years of Obama will probably be better than four years of Romney, except better basically on issues that I for one consider, in the present deep economic crisis, pretty minor big-picture-wise. But I respect, heck I like, those here who think those issues matter a great deal.

Now, does this meta matter? Yes, because this place has value because it eases communication among like-minded and leftist people.

Does this meta matter a lot? No, because most of us aren’t moving beyond mere communication. And there are good and bad reasons for not moving, but just sayin’.

Will this meta matter a lot in the future? Maybe, because I think the next five years you’ll see economic recession that may generate a rebirth of economic leftism and/or neo-Keynesian economic progressivism that will generate the 2016 Democratic Party presidential candidate. FDL and MyFDL can help that along, be a small but meaningful part of that transformation.

Will this meta matter a lot in the immediate future? Maybe, because on bread-and-butter issues the post-election November and December will actually be more important than the Presidential election, IMHO. The Obamney election contest will not speak a word about the post-election grand budget conference, but that is where the PTB will attempt to cut Social Security and Medicare. I can’t see anything wrong with MyFDL/FDL being ready and fully functioning and fighting the good fight when that begins to take place.

So, it seems the best outcome is that money is made here in both ways stated in bold above, things sorta hold together here and more or less no one gets banned, and then these five months are in the past. Unless somebody has a better idea.

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