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Watercooler: Religion

Hi, y’all.

From nuns to hospitals to Trinity Wall Street, there was a lot about (Christian) religion on My Firedoglake today. We can see the nuns doing good while wondering about the other problems of (some?) organized religion, especially as it becomes mired in the politics of the 1% (Trinity Wall Street).

For me, I was raised in the Catholic church but have come to be an agnostic with a firm believer in the power of ritual. I think ritual helps us order our lives, helps us feel control, while building a sense of connection with the people we are near. It doesn’t have to be a religious ritual and it can be as simple as a regularly shared meal or as complex as the central effigy of Burning Man. I sometimes think this love of ritual is hard-wired into human brains, and some researchers support this notion.

Of course, I think we have to keep working with what works for us, and avoid doing things just because others tell us — then we’ve moved from ritual into the bad part of tradition, the part that can keep us from growing.

I’m going to cut this short here — I’m afraid I may be coming down with a cold — sore throat, achey head.

That’s what’s on my mind tonight, though. What’s on yours? This is today’s open thread.

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Kit OConnell

Kit OConnell

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