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Occupy Supply Skill Share: Journalism and Activism

Our Next Occupy Supply Skill Share is on Wednesday June 20th at 8pm Eastern.


Recent articles about the death of the Occupy Movement have shown the mainstream media’s effort to conceal the work of grass roots activists. With large turnouts for NATO, Occupy Caravan moving across the country toward Philly, and successful foreclosure defenses, the movement is far from dead.

This week’s presentation is joined by Mark Taylor-Canfield, member of the Occupy Seattle Media Working Group and independent journalist with articles published in Huff Post, Daily Kos,CounterPunch, Seattle Times, Alternet, Crosscut, IMC, Washington Free Press, and Capitol Hill Times. Mark will give us his unique perspective on the relationship between activism and journalism. Mark has been a part of the movement to bring back journalistic integrity, testifying before the FCC about corporate influence over the media, as well as working with the National Lawyer’s Guild on reporting police tactics against protesters.

With the “Occupy is Dead” idea spreading through the mainstream and alternative media worlds, there is no better time to analyze the current state of media in the US and expand on specific ways to overcome the hurdle that is the failure of the fourth estate. Join us for what is sure to be a stimulating discussion on Journalism and Activism.


This meeting is open to anyone – liaison, occupier, or otherwise – who wants to join this discussion and share ideas and experiences about the relationship between journalism and activism in the Occupy Movement.

If you have a skill to share or a topic to discuss we always welcome feed back please send me an email at

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