Michigan Governor Is A Secret Vagina Lover

Michigan Governor Rick “NO, I’m Not That Rick Scott Douche Down In Florida” Snyder gave Michigan ladies a secret reach-around overnight by having the vagina haters in the legislature eliminate the total  ban on aborting potential Baby Jesuses after twenty weeks in the hole:

Just hours before on the house floor, out of nowhere, a bill to ban abortions after twenty weeks just disappeared.

The civil rights group along with other pro-choice organizations was braced to lose the vote when it came up. But it never did and the lobbyist was losing sleep trying to figure out what really happened.

She and others may be shocked to find out what really happened is the governor, who calls himself “pro-life,” privately sent word that he would not support the 20-week provision. Notice that he did it without fanfare, no news conference, no nothing except sending word he was not on board.

This  doesn’t mean that abortions in Michigan will go back to being cheap and readily available like, say, guns because the knocked-up sluts will still have to run an obstacle course set up by the God-botherers to prove that they are responsible enough to choose to not have that sweet little baby instead of  just having the damn thing and getting it over with because that is so much easier in the short term and because that is how really responsible people make important decisions.

The end.

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