I’ve been DavidPlouffed and Axelrodded, HopeyChanged and TrumkaDahDahed….Well, I’ve paid all the dues I wanna pay…  I learned the truth from Carlin and Zinn …and I just discovered some DemocRats have tapped my phone!

Well, let’s Rebuild the Dream, even though we’re “light on the trade question, but we do support the present legislation to stop giving tax breaks to corporations that offshore American jobs.”  Pretty edgy stuff, there, yes indeed.  When asked directly about your position on trade agreements (think: CAFTA, KORUS, TPP), you mumbled about not liking the WTO, then veered over to China and solar; no confidence builder, there; sorry.  Listening to the Trumka video accompanying your launch…can’t think of a thing to say about that, frankly.

Well of course ya love your mentors MoveOn so much; they’re just as convinced that The Party Will Save Us if we just believe in them and The Party, and ya know, hold them accountable, make them do it, primary the Bad Dems out, even though the DCCC and DLC make sure the corporatist tool candidates get all the funding…sure, dear.

But ‘the main lesson of the Obama era is that activism WORKS – when we use it.’  May I digress for a moment to offer a bit of “Ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho hee hee hee?” Christ in a Cadillac; if you really believe OBomba won’t approve the fast-tracked ‘new’ version of the XL Pipeline ‘once he’s re-elected’, you’re in worse denial than I’d imagined.  Drill for oil in the Arctic?  Done! Fast-tracking fracking?  Done!

You urge us to get OBomba to ‘Vow NOT extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, which will help us win the budget battle of December and beyond”???  I guess that means all those campaign promises weren’t quite ‘vows’ in yer book?  Just politics as usual?  No wonder you don’t confuse him with ‘the Almighty’; as far as I know, the Almighty isn’t a lying con man, not that I necessarily believe in one.

While warning us about not being careful and allowing a trifecta of crazy Tea People ascending to power, you manage not only to blame Bush for ‘bankrupting the country, but also for violently occupying an innocent country’. Now I’m not clear if you mean Iraq or not, but I’ll say to you: OBomba is actively occupying our country with his illegal, massive security state, unconstitutional laws, and profane executive orders, and is expanding war and Empire around the planet, only (sorta) left Iraq cuz Malaki threw our military out, and will have troops in Afghanistan till the last Taliban-sympathizer or anyone in the vicinity is assassinated.

Hoo, boy!  You want us to support OBomba, whose education privatization plans are Bush bullshit on steroids; who recently started pushin’ parts of the DREAM Act since he was getting’ outflanked by Romney on the left? OBomba, who loves Simpson-Bowles and Wall Street Banks, hates regulations that might ‘slow down American business’, and you think the Tea People are the only crazy ones?*

Which Congressional Democrats are working for real workers or support unions except in name only?  Ya wanna know what the Progressive Democratic Caucus has done about OBomba’s drone assassination program?  They sent him a letter objecting to it, along with a stern question recently, signed by 23 of the 76 members (plus two Republicans), asking about the mechanisms used for the decisions, noting how far removed from his previously reported protocols were.  Weak, but at least it was something; but what of the other 53 ‘Progressives’?  Does that word have any meaning left in 2012?  How many voted against funding the wars, swearing fealty to Israel, tra la la.  But you think the solution is to come up with the right message?  The message is not the thing: the deeds are, and imo, electoral politics are all but irrelevant any longer, which is one of the key Occupy messages.


(‘Extremist’ by Anthony Freda @www.anthonyfreda.com via wendydavis @flickr.com)

But yes; the lesser of two evils argument can only see the short term: The other corporatist elites are worse than *our* corporatist elites, so thinking and planning ahead for reclaiming our democracy through Occupy, or long-term third-party organizing is not even worth thinking about.  It never is, since people continue to fall for your same-old duopoly LOTE schtick ‘emergency’ thinking.

So…sorry, Mr. Jones, Democrats, Black Caucus, Progressive Causus, OBomba economics team, I’ve had it.  People are out of work, many starving, dying for want of health care, poisoned water and air, taking boatloads of meds and drugs for anxiety and hopelessness, the wars are draining the economy while Austerity is King, schools are under-funded or closing their doors, malls are empty, our food is full of the Monsanto transgenic crops whose approval OBomba is also fast-tracking…  No dice.  No Dems for me, and I say that after working hard for them for decades, organizing campaigns, going to the State Convention, etc.

In related news, Glenn Greenwald wrote Friday about the ‘GOP/Dem rhetorical convergence’; Dem Insiders who are going all Karl-Rove on those of us who dare to object to O’s drone program.  This is what we’ve come to; by these metrics I am an extremist.

*(With all due respect to the folks on today’s Diner who spoke to this issue.)