In France They Kiss On Main Street, For Pete’s Sake! I Can’t Go There…

My Little Expensive Pony collector Ann Romney, in her very humble common-sense typical-mom kind of way of speaking, wants you to know that she and Mitt will not be spending as much time off-shore as their money and the Obamas do:

Ann Romney, the wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, said Monday that she doubted she and her husband would vacation overseas as frequently as the Obamas if her husband were elected.

Romney was responding to a question from WJR Detroit’s Frank Beckmann, who asked Romney if her family would be vacationing abroad as frequently as the Obamas.

“I doubt that,” Romney replied. “Our vacations and our happiness come from being with our children and our grandchildren.”


Ann Romney didn’t rule out vacationing at all, noting the Romney family has their “own places for that.”

“When we take a vacation, it’ll be with our children and grandchildren,” she repeated.

So, whereas the Obamas spend their vacation time visiting their old stomping grounds in Kenya, the Romneys are quite content to have the family  over to their $12 million oceanfront estate in La Jolla, or maybe the $10 million lakefront home on Lake Winnipesaukee ( pronounced winnie-pee-suckee, which is totally dirty sounding) because both of those places are  in America where Real Americans vacation, although few Americans have backyard Slip-n-Slides for the grandkids fed by a tanker-trunk full of Fiji Water.

Also, in case you didn’t get Ann Romney’s point: the Romneys have children and grandchildren… shitloads of them. And you will hearing a lot about them until November and possibly longer if Mitt Romney becomes President. And if Mitt Romney becomes President his crazy-eyed sons, their docile and vaguely pretty wives and their cookie-cutter Children of the Corn offspring are going to be in the news always and it won’t be fun news like the drunken/whoring/intern-killing/actress-banging/messy-divorcing/bootlegging/drug-addicted/plane-crashing/crushed dreams Kennedy kind of fun news that America loves to slurp up like it was coated with high-fructose corn syrup and bacon. Nope. With the Romneys it will be like being forced to spend a weekend at the Osmond’s house watching home movies for eternity. It’s going to be like Politico meets Cute Overload. It will be the slightly less crazy Duggars on your TV 24/7.


That’s just for those of you who still think Mitt Romney would appoint the same kind of jurists to the Supreme Court as Barack Obama would. You know, maybe something to get you off the fence.

Just give it some thought, that’s all I ask…

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