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Holder’s DoJ Must Focus on Real Criminals Now

Attorney General Eric Holder (photo: USDAgov/flickr)

Bank looters, pension stealers, and widow robbers run rampant through our Republic, so one hopes Eric Holder’s Justice Department will now focus its attention on the real crimes ruining America. They aren’t committed by baseball players lying to Congresscoals to Newcastle if ever I heard of it! — or heiresses paying hush money to a Presidential candidate’s mistress.

These aren’t crimes; they are E! Entertainment News and Entertainment Tonight! fodder, not crimes worthy of federal resources ladled upon them in the millions of dollars. Enough with the circuses!

Utter lawlessness abounds throughout the land — in voter disenfranchisement, mortgage securitization and foreclosure fraud, depradation of our precious natural world, and utter bribery of public officials by faceless forces of wealth.

Will Eric Holder please direct the efforts of his many attorneys to real problems plaguing real American people, and leave off these spashy — but ultimately ridiculously unsuccessful — show trials that get his media audience all het up? Just because Diane Sawyer decides to whine regularly about gthe utter immorality of John Edwards and the tribulations of his loyal daughter Cate during his trial is no reason to pursue an absurd lawsuit whose parameters have been totally eclipsed by the Citizens United case your same DoJ lost not long ago, Mr Attorney General. You should know, and your subordinates should know, that something’s seriously wrong with a prosecution that elects not to indict — or even call to the stand! — the primary actor in the drama, on the grounds that she’s rich and old.

To the American people, this trial looked like a president directing his Justice Department’s resources at a pesky opponent who talked about inconvenient issues — and one without a political future, at that. An utter waste of time, with a predictable and futile outcome to boot.

Getting your name on the Evening News isn’t your job, sir — putting actual bad guys in jail is.

And lying to Congress? Sir, just because a baseball hero with clay feet elects to emulate your penultimate predecessor (whom you’ve let walk free without a scratch!) is no reason to insert yourself and your department into the business of America’s native criminal class. Not telling them the truth is, well, sauce for the gander, isn’t it?

Get busy, Holder. There’s lots of real lawyering to do on behalf of the American people. And I bet if Barack Obama wanted to, he could find no end of volunteers to do the job you and your subordinates are clearly not cut out to do.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge