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Food and gasoline


Two of the most important commodities essential for our existence are “food and gas”.  We have to eat and we have to have transportation.  What if someone figured how to put an “invisible” tax on those commodities?

When you buy food or gasoline, the tax is itemized on the receipt and you can see it.  This “invisible” tax was added long before the commodity even reached the place where you purchased it.  This “invisible” tax was added in the “commodities markets”.

“Everyone” is so busy shifting their attention from one crisis to the next, that they don’t even see what is right in front of their own eyes.  When they go to the grocery store, they buy food; but they fail to question why it’s higher now than ever before in the history of this country.

If they go to a service station, they pump and pay; but they fail to question why gasoline is higher than it’s ever been in the history of this country.  Before 04, gas never cost much over $1.00 a gallon on the commodities market.  That’s the price before taxes and other costs have been added.  That’s the price I have a precise historical record of.

04 is an extremely important year.  That’s the year I discovered “commodity market manipulation”.  There is a record of my allegation at the CFTC.  Commodity market manipulation on a “grand scale” has never occurred before in the history of this country.  That’s because the people at the CFTC, aside from “appointed individuals”, are the smartest, most highly qualified people of any government agency I can think of.  They have been forced to look the other way in regard to this current “commodity market manipulation” by corrupt politicians who are taking us all to the cleaners “big time”.

Go to This Website for more information, and “click on” the charts if you want a more detailed look at them.

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