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And in further nun news…

The “Nuns On The Bus” tour from the Midwest to DC took off from Des Moines, Iowa today with a scheduled stops to educate and inform people on Paul Ryan’s disaster of a budget, and also give voice to their work through visits to homeless shelters, hospitals and food pantries.

“The tour’s first stop was at the office of Rep. Steve King (R-IA), a supporter of the Ryan budget. The nuns had planned to present the congressman with a copy of the Faithful Budget, an economic approach drafted by a group of Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other religious organizations as a rebuttal to the House budget. The Faithful Budget calls for increased aid to the poor and cuts in military spending.

Though the nuns say they had an appointment, the congressman’s office was shuttered and dark.”
Are we surprised that Rep. Steve King’s people were conveniently not there for the appointment? Absolutely not – these guys are more than happy to hide behind ‘balanced budget’ rhetoric while they basically send a goodly proportion of Americans down the toilet, but when it comes to facing a bunch of women (and even women who are dressed in ‘civvies’ these days; it is not as if they are facing Sister Joseph Mary from 1957, with a long black habit, a rope belt and an 8″ cross) with some actual moral credibility — nope.

No guts. Weenies, the lot of them. This is leadership?

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