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Why are Marc Ames and Yasha Levine such assholes to fellow “good guys”?

When the exiled online gets stuff right, it really makes me shiver with pure glee.


But then, they also do low-quality “hit pieces” on people like Jane and Glenn Greenwald and take potshots at people like Chris Hedges, which makes me never want to look at their site ever again, much less donate or volunteer.


The hit piece on Jane was just…nonsense. Hateful, evil, misogynistic nonsense, at that. For real. The “expose” on Glenn Greenwald was also incredibly weak. The newest potshot at Hedges is still more of the same.

If they were untalented, actually stupid idiots this wouldn’t bother me so much. But they are really brilliant journalists and writers a lot of the time! They can be wickedly insightful and funny. But the mindless woman-hate against Jane, etc is just intolerable. And they keep doing that sort of stuff, trying to “expose” people who are for real good guys, using lameness and failing miserably, repeatedly.


I should probably put this in their comments instead of posting this here. But I’m not sure my comment won’t be edited down to “bla bla bla whiney botox liberal menstrual time bullshit bla bla bla”” over there.


Really, Marc and Yasha, you are so brilliant. Just please, please keep to exposing for real bad guys, not flawed but normal and good folks like Jane and Glenn.


I know I’m less than a nobody, but you’re alienating a lot of your readership. Jane has called for every single member of the congressional progressive caucus to be challenged by the left, by independents. She’s really really not part of the neoliberal plot. Swear to god. And “botox liberal” is just beyond the pale. Really. That’s some libertardian horseshit right there.

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